Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Summer plans

Monday morning I wasn't feeling very energetic, I had said I would walk with Roh again and although I had to force myself to get ready and go, I enjoyed it once I got going. We spent the entire hour gabbing and before we knew it we're done. Walking up to the house I see Brad pulling out of the driveway in the Jeep, I had completely forgotten it was Monday - massage day!

Rather than sit around until he returned, I decided to go to PickleBall. While walking past the courts I noted that there were a lot of people there so I popped over and managed to get 2 games in before realizing I was exhausted and heading home.

I am getting stir crazy with this weather. While the fact that it's cold outside isn't a big deal inside the rig, being in this small rig for extended periods is a bit draining. It's been almost 2 weeks of this cooler weather and it's not like we can run off to Oceanside or San Diego to get away from it - believe me, I checked. It's no better anywhere else reasonably close.

We left 'home' 6 months ago (tomorrow) and in some ways it doesn't seem nearly that long and in other ways it seems like that was a lifetime ago. We've been so many places and experienced so many new things, met so many new people, so far this life has been a blast. Well, except for the last 10 days or so..... with the cold temps and periodic rains. Good news is by Monday things are said to improve and who am I to argue.... bring it on, I say.

We have made arrangements for a summer spot, a resort kind of similar to this one but not quite. It has a restaurant and a golf course and they have sites for purchase also. It does not have PickleBall... but there is apparently PB in the local area so I'll likely check that out. There is paperwork which needs to be arranged but what a relief to have a plan.

Robbie is really excited to see Grandma, I've been telling him with words he understands that we will be going to Grandma's soon and his little tail wags and his eyes light up. He's so cute (get's that from my side of the family).

We are getting pretty excited to head 'home' and see everyone again. Especially the Grandkids. Brad's Mum has started her to-do list so that should keep us busy for a little while anyway. I will be having a bath, first thing! I so miss my 6 ft soaker tub at our house... there are hot tubs here at the resort but we haven't availed of them as yet. Once the weather picks up I'm sure I will be all over that.

Though there are 5 pools at this resort, the closest pool/hot tub is for Owner's only, once we became owner's we were busy beautifying our new site and then enjoying it. We did go to the pool one day though, that was the day that I realized I'd brought a swimsuit I've had since I was about 25. Spoiler alert: I'm not 25 anymore. This suit is high cut on the thighs and while I had that to flaunt many moons ago the sun has risen on my rear end many times since then! I have found the suit I want it is a swim dress with shorts... oh yeah! Perfect to cover up the 50 years (okay, 49) of flaws I've earned - the hard way, but earn them I did.

The spot we are planning to stay at with the RV in Canada is a reasonable drive to our home town where everyone except my Dad is. This will allow us to go for visits and still get away to our own spot. We have a favourite area where we will likely put down our 6 month roots and it is in the area of this site so that works out perfect, especially in the summer when it's so beautiful and there is so much to do. We'll be so busy that before we know it November will arrive and our return to Aguanga will be underway.

My morning Blog writing has been interrupted by PickleBall, so the schedule has definitely gone out the window. I'll have to consider going back to evening posts. It never occurs to me when I get home from PB. Uh Oh, speaking of PB, I see Terry getting in his golf cart... hmmm, better get myself beautified......


  1. If you have already been here 6 months don't overstay your 182 days.

    1. We won't. We left home 6 months ago, left Canada Mid October...

  2. That all sounds like a perfect plan. Did your house sell?

    1. No, nothing yet. Almost sold it but the guys' 42ft boat is too big for our existing dock and due to water depth he couldn't afford to expand it apparently.


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