Monday, 26 February 2018

The lost blog - Nursery Visit

The weather the last week and a half has been shite. Some days it's been nice enough in the afternoons to spend time outside in the living room but last Thursday was not one of those days. When Brad went to San Diego with Dave awhile back he noticed a palm tree nursery on the I-15 and has been wanting to go there ever since. 

So Thursday we loaded all our kit in the Jeep and off we went to go see what we could see about some palm trees. Personally I don't get the palm tree thing, we have palm trees along the side of our site that we intend to do a build out on and are unable to plant any on the other side as that is the responsibility of our neighbour Ken... and we want to keep as much sunshine as possible.  Anyway, he wanted to go so go we did.

Love this bridge on the way towards San Diego, doesn't look as impressive in the picture but in person it looks like quite the engineering achievement.

Parking in the parking lot we noticed this sign on one of the dozens of massive palm trees surrounding the lot which advises not to park near the trees in strong winds as they could topple.... did I mention these massive trees surround the entire parking lot? Yeah.

This guy is cute, think I'll take him home with me...

Fairly large palm tree, not massive but likely 12 ft tall from the ground.

Same palm tree... $79,999.00 - not bloody likely.

Can't remember the name of this particular fan palm about 10 ft tall (approx. $500)

Brad and Robbie wandering in the palm tree jungle

Mexican Fan Palm about 6 ft tall (approx. $100)

We determined that the palms we like are these Mexican Fan Palms. Now we just have to figure out where he wants to put them, allowing for plenty of sunshine to warm us in these cold winter months and still allow for my Lemon, Lime and Orange trees I am determined to have.

This cold weather, we are advised, is almost over. By this time next week those in the know claim that we will be back into the 70's (20+C).


  1. Wow $80,000 for a palm tree?? Yup, I don't think so. I always take pictures of that bridge as well :-)

    1. Yep, as much as I love palm trees. Nope, never ever.


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