Sunday, 11 February 2018

The PickleBall Challenge

We had such a fun time yesterday.

Bob & Barb met us at the PickleBall court, now that Brad knows how to play we decided the 4 of us would go and have a round. There was no one there when we arrived about 9:15am so we had the place all to ourselves, which is great!

We played 4 games, three with spouses opposing and one Girls against Boys.... us girls ALMOST won but the men came back and won it in the end... I'm sure they cheated LOL

Brad, Bob & Barb

Barb & Bob

Brad in Joker

Barb & Bob

Barb, Bob & Brad

Me, Barb, Brad and a portion of Bob in our lame attempt at a Selfie

Thats better.... Me, Barb, Brad and Bob

We decided to go to the 15th Hole for breakfast and while we had to wait 45 minutes for our order it was pretty good when it did arrive.

In the afternoon, Brad did a small bit of weeding and Barb came over to visit then Bob arrived on the golf cart with Harley (dog) and we all sat around and chatted for awhile before it was time for dinner. Bob & Barb had plans with their friends that they came into the resort to see and I had drumsticks marinating in Frank's Hot Sauce.

Can't wait to see these guys again next season. What a hilarious couple. Love them.

Karen, Dave, Brad and I are really going to miss them. They leave for home on Wednesday. I don't know who will be renting that spot next but I do know they have some pretty big shoes to fill.

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