Friday, 16 March 2018

All Sunshine and Rainbows

RV life may just be all sunshine and rainbows after all....

Woke up yesterday after a hard rain throughout the night to the sight of this beautiful rainbow, as usual the picture doesn't do it justice but you can well imagine I am sure. It was a vibrant rainbow although the picture seems so faint...

The pickleball group I play with in the mornings was having a pickleball 101 class yesterday afternoon so naturally, I went. Met some potential new players who seemed to catch on quickly and we all certainly had a good time for 3 hours while the sun was shining overhead. This will be a regular class on Thursday afternoons. Some were complete newbies and others, like me, had played a bit before. There were 5 of us but one had to leave a short while before this picture was taken by the coach.

We exchanged lot numbers and some of us will get together to practice throughout the week. One is a Canadian from Alberta who is leaving the same day and same route as us. They will not be in an RV though so they will be waaaay ahead of us no doubt. 

All in all it was a fun day.

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