Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Bat Shit Crazy Life

So it's been a little rough here the last while. Brad has been having an extremely difficult time with the last reduction of his meds that he did 3 weeks ago. I haven't even been to pickleball for about 2 weeks because it's just been so difficult around here.

Sunday and Monday were the first sign of hope for him, he has had 2 good days in a row, so we are praying that he made it over the hump. I don't know what today will bring as it's ridiculously early -- Robbie! -- and Brad is still in bed.

One of Brad's 'sort of' good days was this past Friday, so we went to town to get some groceries. After returning home, we gathered our things to exit the car there was a guy there, on our lot -- I'm going to keep this story short-- he said he followed us from town and we were 'intermittently' doing 53mph on Hwy 79. Hwy 79 is a 55mph zone. After leaving the guy returned and things got very heated. Both Brad and I had warned him about Brad's condition but he just kept at it. The short part? He drove his golf cart into Brad. Security and Cops... Good news? Brad never touched him. It was quite the ordeal and the resort HOA is dealing with it. Knowing how hard this reduction has been for Brad, I am extremely impressed at his restraint that day to say the least. I know I couldn't have done that. Brad was not injured more than a bruise on his leg.

So if you're wondering why I haven't posted much, this is it. Fortunately, we have made some friends here that have helped us get through this nightmare. Even our next door neighbours have been great during this difficult time. And what a time its been!

We are back to sunshine and warm temps for a few days, expected to cool on the weekend and then beautiful again until we leave for 'home' where it is nowhere near beautiful weather. Depending on whether Brad continues to improve we may take a little trip somewhere in the days to come. We shall have to see what happens.

As sad as it is to know we have to leave here is a couple of weeks, we are looking forward to getting back to our families. Especially the Grandkids. Unfortunatey, we will miss my Grandson's birthday but maybe we'll make it for Easter, I have to check the calendar and see whats what with Easter.


  1. Good luck with you upcoming days and hope things continue to improve.

    1. Thanks George, Brad's up now and so far so good for Day 3.... fingers crossed.

  2. Wow!! What is wrong with people??!? Seriously!!

    Sorry you guys had to put up with all that (over 2 mph no less). Glad to know Brad was not seriously injured, but still.

    Hope Brad continues to adjust to the med reduction too. That's a lot on your plate for sure.

    Thinking of you both!


    1. He had a couple of bad hours yesterday but all in all it was a good day.

  3. Good grief, what is wrong with people. So sorry for Brad. Mental stuff is so hard. Hang in there.


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