Tuesday, 6 March 2018

No longer selling, 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ / RV Toad

Currently in Aguanga, California (1 hour West of Palm Springs)

So it turns out, though we didn't know it at the time, that our Jeep has been lifted. By lifted I mean raised, not stolen. The Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) will not accept ANY vehicle which has had ANY modification. We were in the process of sorting out the paperwork for Customs and after finding out we did not need a 'Compliance Letter' except to bring a Canadian Vehicle to the USA, getting our 'Recall Letter' from Jeep, digging out our 'Certificate of Title' and the 'Bill of Sale'.... We then moved on to Modifications...

We didn't think our Jeep had had any modifications but when I was looking at 'Stock' photos of the Jeep online, I noticed they seemed to sit lower than ours. So today we drove over to a Jeep dealership and had them take a look. YUP, Lifted.

He suggested a place where we could have it lowered but also mentioned that if we had it lowered the tires would likely rub.... so we'd be looking at a $ couple grand $. Given the price of Jeep's back 'home', we have decided to try and sell her - before we leave. Not a lot of time.... So if you or someone you know is looking for a reliable Jeep by all means, Please, let us know.

All fluids changed Oct/17.

A day out Jeeping in the Arizona Desert

This Jeep is in great shape, we had all the fluids changed out the day we bought her in October and we put Brand new tires on her a week later, she also got a brand new (soft top) lid at Xmas and she has side rails.. Her power comes from a 4 cylinder, 6 speed, 2.4L engine. Sale includes tow bar for towing her behind an RV (about $3000 value). She has 72,131 miles. Jeeps were designed for towing I'm told, making this the perfect Toad.

Asking price: $12,500 obo (ono)

She is a fantastic Jeep and we had every intention of importing her to Canada but this ridiculous CBSA rule is making that too complicated.

We will be actively trying to sell her over the next few weeks, baring that - we will likely just leave her here at our site and either use it stateside only or sell it next season when we come down.

As any Jeeper will know, this has been very disappointing and upsetting to us but hopefully we can find a buyer who will keep her at her best. We will just have to buy one back 'home' when we return.

Pictures of her taken today:

March 6, 2018


  1. Since you've gotten a Site at the park why not just leave it there to use whenever you travel south. Cover the Tires or the entire Jeep. If you can't leave it there try a Storage Facility. Better then loosing money you invested.
    Why is it that the MVD in Canada allows you to lift a vehicle you buy in Canada but not import one.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. All good points Rick. Insurance down here, at least in AZ was expensive. We do have an extra set of tire covers we can use if we leave it here but just don't like having a vehicle sit for 6 months if someone could use it.... we'll see what happens.

  2. More than likely your CJ has a rubber body lift kit
    they usually come as 6 rubber blocks as a kit
    Any off road jeep or 4 x 4 companies Can drop that body back to standard
    At the same time and the same place sell the tires keep the rims put on standard size tires
    Turnaround time shouldn't be more than a day
    A lot less hassle then selling the jeep

    1. We just felt it was more hassle than it was worth. Perhaps we'll call someone today, we were just so disappointed yesterday.... but I think in the end, we'll likely sell her, IF someone wants her that is.

  3. You sure it's not a 4.0L six-cylinder 4 speed

  4. Find a storage place, she's a pretty Jeep.

    1. We will leave her at our new site if we don't find a buyer.

  5. If I was you I would tow it back to Canada and go through the process. They will check the VIN at the border. The RVIA inspection process is done after at CTC or other centers. More than likely the will not even notice. If they do then as Mr Ed pointed out remove the lift kit and have it re-inspected, then put the lift kit back on as it will then be legal.

    1. Your comment got us thinking... as long as they will let us take it in and do the edits that would be no problem to do... BUT if it has to be done in the US - that would be a problem. Although I think they allow you 30 or 45 days to do edits. We will ask about this today, Thanks Peter. We sure do love this Jeep and don't want to get rid of her if we don't have to.....

  6. Interesting post, we have imported ATVs, a boat, just showed up at the border. However, the ATV required three working days before we could import it. You might want to check on this, most border towns not too exciting!
    Off post, your post on purchasing an RV was excellent. And.. I purchased the shampoo at Walmart in the BC Interior, $11.98. Worked just like you stated, required zero product. It sure if I care for the scent, kinda weird. They do make a large variety of other hair products that I will check out on my next trip.

    1. Thanks Janet, yes we know about the 3 day thing. Glad you enjoyed the RV life post and so happy the shampoo worked for you, but the product I spoke of specifically was a leave-in conditioner... the conditioner smells a bit like play-doh. Certainly makes me feel warm and fuzzy that the product line is for sure in Canada, I was a bit concerned about that even though Walmart.ca has it listed you know how they are going the Amazon route - so I wasn't so sure.


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