Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Golden Girls of Aguanga

So our neighbour Roh was in a play here at the resort called The Golden Girls of Aguanga. Karen, Dave and I went to check it out. The show was a sell out - completely, and there were 2 shows... 2 weeks apart.

We had managed to get tickets to the last show which was on St. Patrick's Day, this past Saturday. We knew it was sold out but were still surprised by the size of the crowd. $5 per ticket and that included 2 beers.

The play was hilarious (Roh played Blanche Devereaux) and included scenes from 'Hollywood Squares', if your too young to remember 'Hollywood Squares' ...well I can't help you. They had an actor who played Rodney Dangerfield... anyone who remembers Rodney Dangerfield will know just how hilarious this was.

The cast did a fantastic job and Roh certainly did justice to Blanche's role.

Sophia's mic wasn't working so she was given a microphone and the cast managed to improv that whole kerfuffle into the plot on the fly which was incredibly well done.

Roh (Blanche) on the left

It was a great night out with friends and I will definitely go to next years show.

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