Thursday, 30 July 2020

Intermittently doing 53 in a 55 zone

*** Written on March 17, 2018 at the RV resort and not published... but as it was being 'sorted' I didn't post it. It was one of those 'background events' that just doesn't get published. ***

Anyone who has driven this section of California Highway 79 will tell you that it is long, windy and hilly and there are no 'pull out' sections.

Yesterday, Brad and I went to Temecula to get a few groceries. We were finally enjoying a day out after a couple of weeks of being cooped up while Brad was recouping from the final reduction of his current PTSD medication. It was so nice to see him out and about - while not quite fully recovered, at least recovered enough that he could be in public. He has been having a very difficult time with this final reduction and has basically been secluded inside the RV as his temperament has been very volatile.

We drove home after getting everything we needed and as we pulled into our driveway, suddenly there was a guy on our lot. He explained that he had followed us from Temecula and wanted us to know that our speedometer might be broken because we were intermittently doing 53mph on a 55mph road... he explained that there are apps which will tell you how fast you are going....  Immediately, I was concerned that Brad would go half cocked at this guy, but was pleasantly surprised when he just let it go.

I mean what can you say to that anyway? Gee I'm terribly sorry I wasn't speeding?

The guy left and we carried on putting groceries away, etc. Then I noticed Brad was gone. Whaaa.... He had decided to take the Golf Cart and go find out where this guy lived in the park and let Security know so that they could have a word with him about going on people's property. When Brad couldn't find the truck, he went to Security who then advised him (it was a new guard - 1st day apparently) that the truck had left. The assumption being that it wasn't a resident but someone who just followed us in to the resort, slipping in behind us before the owner's gate closed.

Concerned for the safety issue this gap at the gate creates, Brad posted the event on the owner's FaceBook page noting that the Board should look into this.

About 10 minutes later, the guy shows up at our lot. All bravado and attitude. Brad immediately tells him to get off our property, which he does. Standing at the edge of the road he proceeds to start a massive argument with Brad. Well, Brad is never one to step down from a fight and things were getting extremely heated.

I was trying to diffuse the situation by telling this guy that Brad had recently reduced his medication and was a little on edge. What I didn't know was that Brad had already told him, first thing, before I even had an opportunity to exit the RV. The guys response? Your not the only guy who's ever reduced PTSD medication..... not the brightest response, but...

Anyway, finally the guy gets in his Golf Cart and tells brad, 'get out of the way or I'll run you over', not a second later he hits Brad with his Golf Cart!

Holy mother of God! Brad lost it. Yelling at me to call Security and the Cops. Incredibly, neither of them had laid a hand on each other except for this golf cart incident. Security arrives, 2 of the HOA board members arrive (having seen the Facebook post) and the Cops arrive.

What a hullabaloo! Our neighbours who just lost a close family member within the week watched the whole thing. Likely the last thing they needed at this time in their lives. Later, I went over to apologize if the event caused them any undo stress.

The situation was finally diffused and while it took a while for me to calm down, we managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

All that over 2 miles an hour. Who cares?! We did learn that the law states that if you are going slow and there are 5 cars behind you, you are required to pull into a 'pull out' and let them pass. However, we were doing 2mph below the speed limit and this stretch of 79 does not have any 'pull outs'. The police advised us that we did not do anything wrong and the guy has been warned to stay away from us.

Turns out he is an owner here at the resort and the HOA will be bringing him in for a 'chat'. I mean, I still can't even believe this happened. Wow.

Huge Kudo's to Brad for managing to maintain control during all of this, I know I wouldn't have had it in me if I was in his position. I would have absolutely 'Gone Postal' on this guy's ass. The amount of restraint and self control that must have taken is beyond my comprehension, I can assure you of that!

The entire thing just boggles the mind.

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