Thursday, 22 March 2018

iPhone broken

Not sure if I mentioned it before but a few weeks ago I got a new iPhone 6 from Bell. They mailed it to my Mother-in-Law who then forwarded it on to me. Everyone said I should get a cover whatsit for it and I intended to but there is a place in SK where I can get a specific cover that I wanted so I decided to wait.....Well, within the week I dropped the damn thing 3 times on the way to the golf cart one morning and cracked the screen. Figured I'd get it fixed back home where I know where to go...

Yesterday, when returning from Temecula we were getting out of the car with a ton of stuff and Brad grabbed the phones... you can guess where this is going I'm sure.... he dropped mine. Now the screen is good and broken....

I can't use most of it and it opens stuff all on its own.... Aaargh.

So I made a call, I had picked up a business card from the laundry room here at the resort waaaaay back when we first arrived here. Not needing it at the time but thought it might be handy in future. Well Ladies and Gentlemen... the future has arrived.

The man tells me that if the screen is just cracked its $60USD but because my (I don't know what - LCD or something) is broken also it will be $85USD. Still not as bad as they want back in Saskatoon and only 30 - 40 minutes, he tells me. So today I will be going off once again to Temecula to get her fixed AND get a protector for her too!

My problem with these protectors (cases) is that because I'm not what what you would call 'a girlie girl' and  because I hand my phone down to Brad when I upgrade them, I don't want a foofoo protector or something overly masculine and I have a lot of trouble finding something that will work for both of us....which is why I like my custom cases. I will see what they have at this shop, worse case scenario I will order one off of Amazon but that could take a couple of days to arrive and I don't want to break the bloody thing in the meantime...

My girlfriends were trying to message me yesterday and I couldn't respond... I can't do even the simplest of things with it. But I CAN see the message alerts for the most part. This has to end, it's only been about 18 hours and I'm going bonkers already.

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