Thursday, 1 March 2018

Losing friends

Started yesterday with a couple of games of PickleBall, didn't do very well I'm afraid but I don't go to win, I go to have fun and I always have fun.

Fun game on the go

Great crowd to play with

Snow on the hills behind the resort from the night before

We decided to go to The 15th Hole for lunch yesterday so we invited our new friends Dewaine and Patty, they are leaving today for greener pastures. They just bought themselves a Condo in a 55+ community and they are very excited to settle in after living in their Motorhome for the last 2 years. Dewaine bought lunch which we thought was very nice especially considering we invited them. On the way out, Patty's shoelace was undone and with her hands full Dewaine very gentlemanly offered to tie them for her. Priceless. They have been married for 50+ (I think it's 51) years so she has him well in hand. In comparison, Brad and I have been married for 10 years.... enough said. I have my work cut out for me.

Denise and her husband came by in the afternoon with our new firepit cover, perfect fit. Big thank you to Denise for making this for us.

Brad's flower's are growing well, they got quite a bit of rain the last few days and he covered them during all the frost/freeze nights. They must have doubled in size already.

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