Saturday, 31 March 2018


We haven't done much at all these last few weeks. With Brad's medication reduction which he is still dealing with- while to a lesser degree, he is still suffering the effects. Three weeks of sheer hell withdrawals, then buddy came to our lot and caused a fuss, and earlier this week Brad's brother passed away from Cancer, which has now caused a family squabble. To say it has been a difficult time would be the understatement of the century.

He is definitely not 100% yet, still very much on edge and easily set off but definitely getting better every day. I can't wait to have my husband back. I've been very much on edge myself, trying to keep anything/anyone away from him. Everytime I hear a golf cart going by I pray they are not stopping because he's just not ready for people even yet.

Each time (5 in total) he has reduced this medication it has been a worse experience than the time before but this final reduction has just been brutal - on both of us. Added pressures recently since the death of their brother from the family are just too much to cope with and so he has stepped out of it. It is all he can do right now.

We were invited to dinner at some friends the other night and he was sure he could handle it, so we went. Turned out to be a great evening, so I'm glad we went. We were planning to go to Oceanside today but I heard that the kids are out on spring break and when I woke up there is a dense fog advisory over there so I guess we'll try again tomorrow, he'll be even better then anyway...

We leave here on Tuesday, though I'm not sure why... the original plan was to get north early so he could spend some time with his Mother before going out to our house for a few days. It does not appear right now anyway that we will be going to his Mother's so I'm not sure why he still wants to leave early but he does.

The site we have rented doesn't have the water on yet as it still gets to freezing at night and will for the next 2 weeks at least... This is going to be fun...

Everything is ready in the rig, perhaps today we will clean the inside of the Jeep to make it more presentable at the border as we are hoping they will allow it in to Canada, but there is no guarantee with these things. We had intended to send it in for detailing but can't justify the expense when we're just sitting around in the sunshine.

We have our route planned and I've even managed to book an oil change enroute. Assuming all goes well, we should be at the crossing on the 6th... certainly looking forward to seeing my Grandkids but not looking forward to those Saskatchewan spring temperatures. Geez it was 19C here at 9pm last night and I was feeling chilled - I can only imagine how my body will react to -7C.

Keep pushing forward.


  1. Good luck with Brad and travel safe.

  2. Sorry to hear that Brad is still having issues with the medication reduction. Hopefully this will soon be over. Safe travels home.


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