Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Rough week with a happy ending.

Our neighbour/friend Karen's husband Dave flies back here today after driving their truck back home. They decided to park it at home as they have no intention of moving their 5th Wheel from their site. So he drove it home and today flies back. It's been a long 3 days without him around here. They do have another car here.

Brad has had a difficult week, having reduced the last of his PTSD medication, thank God that's almost over...  He and his Dr decided to try a different medication as the side effects of his (former) current one were far too many... he has been slowly reducing since before we left home. Some of you will recall the week of hell we went through a few months ago. That was the last time he reduced and he has now (pretty much) recovered from his final dosage reduction.... Whew! 

So grateful to Karen being around during this week, I couldn't have done it without her!

We have had a couple of hot, sunny days here this week but that is over after today and the rains will be returning tomorrow for a few days- at least according to 'those in the know'... although I haven't checked the weather in 2 days... hmmm, better take another look and see what they think now.... Not having a lot of luck with my sexy legs lately!

At least when we get home I know it will be hot and sunny (eventually) and I will be able to get some colour on them, I hate disturbing the guys at NASA every time I put shorts on. We still have about 3 weeks left here so maybe I can pull it off yet, really want to have some colour on them before we get home.

The resort here has an owner's FB page so yesterday I put out a request to see if anyone had an extra golf cart cover before I ordered one off of Amazon.

Within half an hour one of the ladies here messaged that she did in fact have an extra one. Wasn't expecting that but we figured it was worth a shot and sure enough - it was. Though we offered to give her some cash for it, she declined saying it was just sitting in her 'basement' since they bought a new golf cart and she just wanted to get rid of it.

Woohoo! Bonus! It fits perfectly. When we first put it on there was a door missing so I called her to see if it could be found and after about an hour she arrived with it. They recently sold their Motorhome and bought a 5th Wheel, I guess it got lost in the shuffle but she managed to find it without too much fuss. So grateful to her for this as it's a really good rain cover and they are quite expensive.

To celebrate our golf cart coup, Robbie and I went on a date with Karen and Cooper to the dog park.

Mother and Son. I told you he gets his good looks from me!


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