Sunday, 8 April 2018

It never rains - Tornado Warning

So we arrived yesterday mid afternoon at the Walmart in Idaho Falls, ID. We relaxed and settled in for a long evening because this is the warmest stop. We are trying to stay as warm as possible as long as possible. Tonight's stop is (was) expected to be below freezing, now in fairness I haven't checked it this morning, but last night it had changed to +2C....... weather knowers!

Before leaving our resort I had made some chili for the road so I heated that up with some fresh buns I grabbed at Walmart when we arrived. The dishes were done and we were relaxing with a deck of cards to continue our Crib tournament (he's beating me terribly).

My iPhone beeps with a weather alert... Tornado Warning! What?!!! Holy, we're in an RV!! This can't be good.....

I grab the passports, the dog and the husband (maybe in that order, maybe not) and we rush out of the RV and split up to begin knocking on RV doors (about 15 at that early hour) to let everyone know in case they hadn't got the alert. No one had. We all go into Walmart to watch out the tire department window and prepared to run to the pillow department if things went south.

The storm lashed us pretty damn good with really high winds, tons of rain and a solid ground cover of dime size hail. No damage to the rig that we know of at this point but we still need to check on the solar panels once I get beautified. Nothing happens until I'm beautified.... and I don't get beautified until after my morning coffee.

From the southwest

Downpour turns to hail


In the end, everything turned out okay but that was quite a fright - for me, at least. Not a panic fright just a "what the hell are we going to have to deal with now" fright! 

So we are still on schedule for crossing on Monday at this point but today we get into Montana and we all know Montana in April isn't known for sunny skies. Wish us luck.

Now, I beautify.


  1. Geez... your trip home has turned into an adventure.

    1. Yep, so far we’ve been able to take it in stride.

  2. Glad to hear everything turned out okay, that could have turned out a lot worse.

    1. Thankfully it didn’t twist on us. Someone upstairs must have thought we’d dealt with enough.

  3. Quite the adventure but at least you had a plan. Good for you.


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