Thursday, 12 April 2018

Jeep fix begins - Day 1

We got the Jeep to my brother's and the RV parked at Campland RV Resort where they allowed us to park beside their shop for $30 even though they haven't opened for the season yet... Thank you soooo much to them.

My brother arrived back from working out of town, just as we were offloading the RV and right after supper, which was soooo good, he got at it... removed the rad and did a bit of tinkering with the Jeep. 

Today the big work begins... Brad was up in the night with his nasal congestion again, not the best thing when you have a CPAP machine... so he isn't up yet and Dave (brother) is getting antsy, so I'm going to run into town with him to get the parts and stuff we (he) need. 

Originally, I had planned to do this job but it appears that Dave has taken full control of it and God knows, I'm okay with that... and Brad is not mechanical at all.... so.... Dave is our hero for this kerfuffle.

Dave and Brad

Robbie watching the men do the work.

Well, time and my brother wait for no one... so I better get beautified.... my auto parts people await...


  1. Like the old saying... a developing story. Part two should be interesting.

  2. Good luck with the ongoing jeep repair.

  3. Kathy has the same problem with her CPAP Mask but since I am a mouth breather my Mask still gives me the air I need to breath.
    Time is a friend and a pain but use it wisely. Even though you want it fixed now taking your time to fix the Jeep so the problem will not recur is a better thing.
    As for the Lift Kit just temporarily remove them and there are places that Rent Wheels and Tires. Once you pass the International Inspection just put it back together so it can be used for Off-Roading.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank for the idea Rickbbut they don’t rent those around these parts, I checked.

  4. Fingers crossed that all goes well and easily not to mention quickly.


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