Friday, 13 April 2018

Jeep fix - Day 2

So the boys got to work first thing yesterday. It took all day but they managed to get the cylinder head off.

Brother David with Brad in background

Brad on left, oldest son Lee on right

The Cylinder Head

Cleaning up the piston thingy

We got a call from the wreckers who had said they had a cylinder head for us, seems once they removed it (this particular wreckers does that part for you), the bloody thing was cracked. So urgency kicked in and we (I) set about trying to find another one... new ones are around $1500CAD so that was out of the question. Finally got a return call at the end of the day that someone could get one, if they order it today (Friday) it would be here by Monday..... order it we did! 

Once the boys were finished for the day my Sister-in-Law had a really awesome Chicken Pot Pie ready that she had spent all day cooking. I don't usually like Chicken Pot Pie but... damn it this one was really good.

Karynne - Sister-in-Law

So now we are on hold for the weekend. Good news is that my youngest son, Carey has an extra vehicle we can use until the Jeep is sorted. Such a good son! Today, Brad and I are going over to visit the Grandkids and take them some presents we picked up in sunny California... 

My brother has to go out of town to work this week - for a week, not sure what day so I have no idea when we will get back at the Jeep.


  1. It's certainly a good thing they had the right whatcha-ma-call it to clean up the piston thingy so they wouldn't have to run to the auto parts store to get a thinga-ma-jig. :^)

    Standing by for part 3.

  2. Looks like you are moving right along. It is a process , I have rebuilt a couple on engines, but that was many years ago,Could still do but don't want to anymore.

    1. Trust me when I tell you, neither does he! But he lives his big sissy. :D

  3. What exactly happened to the Jeep? Something while you were towing it?

    1. Brad thought the 4x4 was in Neutral but it wasn’t or it slipped. This causes the engine to turn even though it’s not running. Enough heat was created that it blew the lid off the radiator and warped the cylinder head spewing oil out through the head gasket.... I think he’ll be more careful now he knows just how expensive/ I mean important this step is!

    2. WOW!!! Devastating way to learn a lesson. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  4. I had no idea leaving the Jeep in gear could cause that much damage. Hopefully the boys don't find further damage. My fingers are crossed for you.
    At least you are safe and warm. Enjoy the Gkids!

    1. Thanks Dave, yes the flat tow of a Jeep is what most would consider unusual. We are on hold until parts are in tomorrow.

  5. To Dave...And no offense...Picture your ride in 1st gear riding down the hiway at anything over 15 mph..For more than 2 minutes..POOF!
    And I've left the parking brake on myself, but luckily for only 10'...Live and learn..


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