Monday, 9 April 2018

Just Empty Every Pocket


So we finally got across the border back into Canada without any kerfuffle at the crossing. Arrived in Lethbridge and dropped the Jeep off at a mechanic to have the radiator replaced. We didn't mention anything about how it happened or that we were unsure about the head gasket.

Couple hours later, guy calls. Major oil leak behind engine. Head Gasket needs to be replaced... the prize for this? $3500+ CAD. So we are scrambling right now as we need to tow the Jeep out to my brothers acreage in Saskatoon so we can do the work ourselves (family included). Problem? He doesn't have room for the RV because of all the snow piled up on our parking spot.

RV won't fit at any of our relatives places, so Brad suggested we call a friend. Friend thinks we may fit at her place... waiting for confirmation from her husband at the moment. Fingers crossed.

We've rented this site in Sundre for the entire month of April and the rest of the summer.... but scheduling getting there is becoming a thing.

We had intended to go straight to Sundre, safety both vehicles for Alberta, winterize the RV and drive the Jeep to S'toon where Brad flies out to go back home for a few days to take care of some business....

Parking the RV in Sundre is not an option without a car to get to stoon and the Jeep is in no condition, without a rad and a blown head gasket to drive.... so tow the Jeep we must, now just to find a place to park the RV!

If anyone knows anyone with room for us to park her in the Saskatoon area - remember we only need 30 ft, pretty please let us know...  we won't be living in her, just need a place to park her is all.


  1. Hmmm... $3500 for head gasket? Sounds like it may be the rear main seal the mechanic is talking about, which may require removing the engine to replace. Anyway, hope it works out for you.

    1. Thanks Bill, we’ll check for that before we bother with the head..

  2. That does seem a little pricey, good luck with a parking spot.

  3. CHEAP is not always convient.

  4. And so yo adventures continue. Good luck with sorting out the next few days.


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