Friday, 27 April 2018

...not so fast

Okay so on Sunday I learned that my step-mother was in hospital (lungs). It was not a good prognosis. I was waiting to find out what was happening so that we could make a decision about whether I needed to go out there (Ontario).

Finally on Monday when I called the hospital, I was able to speak to her nurse directly and could hear my step-mother in the background sounding strong, the nurse said that she was doing much better. I spent Tuesday trying to reach my Dad and/or the hospital to no avail... trying not to panic over here people!

Wednesday when I called my Dad to find out what was happening, someone answered... my step-mother! Wowsers.... Okay. So she had been released, whew! All was relatively okay.

Thursday while I was driving out to my brother's to pick up the dog food I had forgotten, my step-mother called.... MY DAD is in the hospital!!

WTF People?!?!

After waiting all day to hear from doctors, they finally diagnosed the problem with Dad and a specialist was coming to see him that day (Thursday). He was going to consult with the other doctors and they would decide what to do.

Today (Friday) I find out Dad has been admitted and they are going to operate... but wait, they had been feeding him clear fluids... thats a no no apparently... so now as of typing this, we still don't know what is happening. Dad assures me that it is not life or death and that the doctors will sort it out. No need to come out there, "even if your sitting beside me" he says, "there is nothing you can do".

Well, frankly I beg to differ. I can be quite the pain in someone's ass if I want to be - ask Brad. But okay, because we have so much going on already at the moment I have conceded to wait and hope these people know what they are doing....

However, they originally said it was a problem with his bladder and now are referring to his kidney... does not instill confidence... I told Dad to make damn sure they knew what organ they were dealing with before he lets them so much as cut his nails....

On a good note: The engine is fixed, sort of. It runs but doesn't sound right... after a whole lot of hullabaloo we determined with the help of our new OBD2 reader, that it was the 'cam shaft positioning sensor'... naturally, it is Friday... earliest one we could find arrives Monday.

I swear to God, I can't make this shit up.

More on Monday, I'm taking the weekend off - Damn it.


  1. I don't know how you handle all that. I would be going crazy!!

    1. I think the fact that I’m already crazy helps ;)

  2. Oh no, Katie -- sorry to hear this. Sending speedy recovery thoughts to your dad. So glad your step-mom is home!


  3. Wow you really are getting slammed from all sides. Hang in there. Sending positive and calming thoughts.


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