Monday, 2 April 2018

Oceanside and Earthquake

We made it to Oceanside the other day, got to splash our tootsies into the Pacific, Robbie is not keen on water. We got some shopping done for the Grandkids, too. It was a cool and relatively dreary day but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Probably more than if it had been too hot actually. We left the heat behind here at the resort and Dave & Karen were enjoying it to the fullest and rubbing it in at every opportunity via text.

Setting up for Easter service

Go Cart rentals

Plenty of people enjoying the beach

Lots of people enjoying the Ocean

"Please stand back. We are wild brown pelicans. We bite stupid people."

Betty's restaurant at the end of the pier.

We went for lunch at Betty's at the end of the pier and unfortunately we were sorely disappointed after a 25 min wait. The Cod was so tough and chewy, I literally couldn't cut it with a knife. Brad complained, that tells you something - I've earned a reputation for complaining over the years and Brad fusses that I'm too picky, so I didn't say a word.

Brad is more and more himself the last 2 days, even the neighbours have noticed a difference so its not just wishful thinking on my part. Last night they invited us over to sit around their fire pit and we had a great visit with them.

Except for the EARTHQUAKE!. A 3.7 just 8 km NE of Aguanga. At first we all thought it was a vehicle hitting something, an earthquake certainly wouldn't have been MY first thought. But an Earthquake it was. Rumbling beneath our feet and everything shook. We were under Karen and Dave's buildout so it was more pronounced I think. Dave was untangling Cooper (dog) and he didn't feel it - there's just no explanation for that! 

Dave & Karen are heading out today for a few days but will be returning at the end of the week, of course we expect to be gone by then so today is goodbye until November. Sure will miss them, they have been great friends and very patient and supportive while we suffered through the hell we've been through the last 5 weeks or so. Thank you both.

I have to make some calls today and see if I can push our departure date back a couple of days. The weather at our destination in AB is just too cold and a few days will make a big difference. I have the oil change booked and our 'export date' for the vehicle is set so I need to see about changing the schedule.


  1. Sounds like quite the tremblar you experienced. Too bad about the fish and chips, they looked good at least. Enjoy your last few days.

    1. Thanks, we will definitely enjoy the last days of good temperatures.

  2. So glad that Brad is fighting his way through this!!

    Yes, it is unseasonably cold here in Regina.

    It is snowing as I type this, and the overnight lows are nearly -20c

    Safe travels home !!! TnT

    1. Hey, fellow Saskabushers!! Yay! He’s finally coming out of it, thanks. We’re going to AB before we head home to SK... hope it warms up soon.


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