Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Snowy Saskatoon

It was one hell of a long day yesterday, but we managed to get to a Walmart in Saskatoon around 7pm... 10 hours of driving.... while not unheard of for us, the Prairies are difficult  to drive as it just drolls on and on and on.

My oldest son (Lee) came out to visit last night for a couple of hours and it was sure great to see him. He is a techy guru kind of guy so much so that he did it in the Army and now does it for a living. He has invented some kind of gizmo that is welllll above my paygrade and is starting his own company to get this thing into the marketplace. Don't panic it's not something else you'll have to carry around, it's for businesses. I couldn't tell you what it is if I wanted to, like I said... it's over my head and I consider myself a bit of a techy too. Anyway, we wish him luck with it, he certainly seems to know what he needs to do to get it marketed. He has patents and is searching for investors already.

My youngest son is working out of town for the next week or so, his job is something about nuclear x-rays... again, above my paygrade... So I won't be able to see him for awhile but his wife and my Grandkids are close by and while I don't think I'll get to see them today, I will certainly see them tomorrow.

We found a spot btw, at a campground. It isn't open yet because it's too bloody cold up here. In fact it is snowing as I type this... supposed to snow all day. This is not good when we need to move our RV around the city but we'll just have to make do. -5C (25F) at the moment, going to a balmy -2C (28F) this afternoon. At least we are off the highway for the most part. Just made it here before sunset last night but so glad we didn't have to stop in Davidson and finish the trek to Saskatoon today in all this snow. By the time we're beautified and ready to roll, hopefully the roads will be sorted out.

So, the plan for today is to pick up some mechanical stuff, tow the Jeep out to my brother's acreage, winterize the RV and park it at said campground. I tried to find an RV storage place but everything is full, the only guy who answered the phone told me. I must have called a dozen places who didn't answer the phone before finding this campground that also answered. They are not open yet, had hoped to open April 8th but there is too much snow. When I explained the situation they graciously said we could park out by their shop. So that is what we will do. Thank you sooo much. Now to find a Napa that we fit into...

My brother has a new puppy- Max, in addition to their old dog Maggie so Robbie will have fun out at the acreage. These dogs are much bigger than Robbie so this should be interesting....

Huge kudos to my family for stepping up when we need them with this damn Jeep. We really appreciate the help everyone. So it looks like myself, Brad, brother David and oldest son Lee will be sorting this Jeep out... just praying it all goes smoothly so we can have a vehicle to drive around. Of course this doesn't solve the whole lift kit problem for the federal safety we need done... but that's another problem for another day.

Brad is still a little testy but all in all he is pretty much back to his old self... just hope he holds it together for this Jeep repair. When I think of all the stuff we've had to deal with while he did this final reduction of his medication... Oy, Veh! The worst possible timing. Of course, had we known that any one of these things would occur he never would have reduced when he did but hindsight is 20/20... He is definitely not completely over it (6 weeks later) but getting closer all the time.