Tuesday, 22 May 2018

I don't get sick

We had my oldest good son over for burgers the other day, though Brad was still sick he was feeling much better.

We took a drive on Sunday to Gardiner Dam on Lake Diefenbaker to check out a campground not too far from there and while it looked relatively okay, it wasn't quite what we were looking for - spoiled, much?. We will however, keep it on our list should we not find such a place as we want in SK.

Yesterday, after 2 long weeks of being sick, Brad finally woke up feeling normal. This was exceptionally good news since I woke up sick yesterday!!! Yup, unreal. I'm not nearly as bad as he was but my throat feel like its in a vise and I tire very quickly. Not sure why I'm tiring because I'm not congested and breathing isn't an issue at least at this point but I guess all my internal 'fix it bugs' are busy trying to get me fixed. 

I don't get sick. Almost never. But when I do...... Fortunately, at least as of day 2 it isn't too bad except sore throat and tiredness. 

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