Monday, 14 May 2018

Mother's Day Trip

We have decided to bite the bullet. We are going to attempt to quit smoking...

We each now have a 'Vape' and while I'm not promoting vaping because frankly to me it's just as bad and possibly worse given its limited time on the market, making it an unknown entity possibly worse than cigarettes, but we need to do something. We've both been puffing about a pack a day and that is just insane... appreciably it has been a stressful time lately but neither of us is happy with how much we've been smoking lately. We are both feeling the effects of this, so... I figure, right now we have nothing to lose by trying to wean off using a vape.

Yesterday was Mother's Day so we took some time to chillax. Jumped in the Jeep and drove down to Elbow, SK. It's a quaint little town and we seem drawn to it a lot. Not quite a 'resort or beach town', but it has a couple of restaurants and some shops. We stopped for lunch at our usual haunt and then headed down to the beach.

The coolest part of Elbow, to me anyway, is The Sod House. You'd almost think this would be a prairie staple but its the only one I've ever seen in these parts.

Very quiet this time of year but in no time it will be packed. Yesterday, we had the beach to ourselves and even got Robbie to go in the water (he hates water) to fetch a stick.

Robbie and I

Only others around were across the water also enjoying a quiet beach.

Deserted beach

Jeep in the background on the grass

Robbie in the water - a rare occurance

Ready to go Mum

Trudging through the sand back to the Jeep

Brad bringing up the rear

My husband is awesome. Taking us to the beach even though he's been really sick the last several days - hence the bunny hug in 25C temperatures.  I hope the sunshine and fresh air will help him feel better. It is massage day today, but last night he was sure he wouldn't be able to go. If your sick they advise not to get a massage, something about the massage spreading it throughout your body....

We drove around to check out the RV 'Resorts' in the area...

Definitely not The Ranch

Seriously, thankfully it was dry but you can clearly see that isn't always the case, and what a mess.

Boating and Marina 

18 Hole Golf Course

Sailboat on the left, Pontoon on the right

House Boat dock -- which got me to thinking....

Barely visible in the pic there is a deer just left of the road

So my thinking? Wouldn't it be awesome if we could winter in California and then return to Canada and summer in a sailboat - the sailboat being what originally started our RV life, Brad's dream.

Lake Diefenbaker is over 800 sq km. A massive lake that you could do some awesome sailing on without freaking out your wife! Keeps us close to family too. Perhaps we could buy a lot in town and build a smaller version of our current house.... Anyway, we need to sort out some stuff before we go worrying about that just yet. Options, options....

There are a ton of lakes in Northern Saskatchewan but there are always forest fires up north so being in the South Central area would be better, I think.


  1. Good luck on the stop smoking. Having the mind set to do it and wanting to quit is a positive start. It has been 22 years for me.

  2. Good luck with the quitting smoking -- you guys can do it!! And ooohhhh....a boat! Sounds like a wonderful way to go :)



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