Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The proverbial drawing board

So yesterday we picked up the new cam shaft positioning sensor and headed out to my brother's...

He got the engine finished, and there seemed to be a knock coming from the bottom of the engine but he didn't think it was a big deal so we drove the Jeep to Saskatoon, had an oil change and radiator flush and rushed back out for the supper that my sister-in-law was cooking for everyone.

After supper my brother decided to go take a listen and see if he could find anything wrong with the Jeep that would cause this knocking. While this was going on I went to my nephew's soccer game with my sister-in-law.

When we returned the boys were still sodding about with the Jeep and according to the 'book', the proper torque on the bolts (rocker area) is 105 inch pounds... he had them set to 20 so thinking that could be the problem he was tightening them................. Crack!

Broke a bolt in the head -----

Having taken the entire thing apart again it turned out that 3 bolts had broken.... OMG.

Apparently, having been 15 odd years since he did anything mechanical, he forgot to convert the inch pounds to foot pounds..... ie. it should have been 8.75 not 105! Hence the broken bolts.

It took until 11pm last night but he got the head off once again and we loaded it in the car (we had already returned the car to my youngest son and my niece drove me in to pick it up right after the crack occurred about 8:30pm).

So this morning Brad and I are taking it to a machine shop to have the bolts removed, pick up a new head gasket and some more bolts and heading out to the acreage again to get it all put back together.

Also worth noting is that we have decided to get residency in Saskatchewan. More on that later.

Please, if you are a regular reader of this blog... cross fingers, toes, eyes, legs, everything you can find that we can get this damnable Jeep sorted out today. Thank you.


  1. Sounds like a timing issue or rod knock. But, that's all you need is a long distance diagnosis, eh? Hope they get it figured out.

  2. Oh my goodness. Car trouble is the very worst thing for me. I can put up with a lot but not car problems!

  3. Just a hunch...but if the head was "too tight" the head gasket pressed down too much, causing a slight overhang into the cylinder chamber. I had a head gasket repaired by a shop once and they put in the wrong gasket, just .002 smaller difference in cylinder size, and it went bam bam bam too...proper head gasket fixed that. Again, just a hunch...

  4. Sorry to hear the mechanical problems keep happening.

    Yes, we are crossing our fingers for you guys, and hope things improve quickly.

    Glad to hear you are considering Saskatchewan as your home province.

    ( We are in Regina )

    Take care ... TnT

  5. Good luck with those jeep issues, hope all works out well soon for you.


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