Monday, 7 May 2018

Two days without problems

Its been a really quiet weekend... the whole weekend!

Absolutely nothing went wrong on Saturday, we went for breakfast with my oldest son Lee and Brad set to sprucing up his Mum's deck. (We love her deck it is very large and is closed in with screen to keep the bugs out -a necessity in SK).


Watching Daddy work

We went to a few places to find a good deal on a lift (levellers) and new tires and rims. Finally settled on where to have these done. So Tuesday morning the Jeep goes in for a lift.

Supper out at our new favourite Vietnamese place just up the road from Brad's Mum's.

Meg and Brad

On Sunday we had to drive the RV to the windshield repair place (Insurance job), so they can take the necessary measurements on Monday morning. Brad asked me why I was stalling going to get the RV and I realized that I was quite apprehensive about even leaving the house since Saturday was our first non-bad-news day in what seems like months.... but it all went well. We need to movie it to a park spot today.


Last night we had a date night, went to see Game Night. Not our usual kind of movie and I don't know what demographic Hollywood is catering too these days, but Holy Hell there is only crap at the theatres... We enjoyed the movie and would even suggest you see it if there isn't anything else you fancy playing.

For anyone just joining us, in the last month we have had the engine blow on the yellow Jeep, the tranny went on our white FJ Cruiser and the windshield cracked on the RV. Plus a few other problems you can go back to read about... welcome to our life, enjoy the show.

Huge thank you to all those readers who made encouraging comments during this hell we've been through. It has been a pretty rough road and (knock on wood) we hope its over... I know I shouldn't get cocky yet, and I'm really not but 2 whole days... its a light I'm holding on to.


  1. Hopefully your streak of bad luck has ended as they can be a real pain in the a$$. Please post some after pics of the Jeep with the left and tires.

  2. I actually really enjoyed watching that movie, thought it was pretty funny. Happy to hear you had a nice date night, hope you have a good rest of the week. Thanks for the share.
    Greg Prosmushkin

  3. Bad things come in threes and you have had at least six. You're done!

    1. Can’t tell you how happy I am to have THAT in writing! LOL Today is so far so good...

  4. Knocking on woo for you.. You are definitely good to go. Time to do the happy dance and just enjoy the que pasa of it all.

  5. Always nice to have quiet days.


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