Monday, 11 June 2018

Gardening finished and a New View for Ace

All that gardening we were doing is finally done. Not that there won't be more to do, there is, but the bulk and the worst of it is finished, ie the weeding. Brad's Mum is heading out in a couple of days for her second 'holiday', going to England this time for a couple weeks, hoping she can come up with a to do list for Brad since he gets sooo bored sooo easy.

During our return trip to Canada, somewhere along the way this chip/crack appeared in the windshield. We genuinely didn't have time to deal with it when we first arrived 'home', but we did eventually manage the time to find an installer Showtime Glass and they dealt with our insurance company, ordered the new glass and in just 3 weeks it was here in Saskatoon so they called to schedule the install. The windshield was installed Friday morning and we let Ace sit until Sunday noon to make good and sure it was set before we jostled it around on the roads.

Brand new windshield. The pro's at Showtime Glass tell us that a lot of RV's are repeat customers every year.... we will be making damn sure we have glass coverage since this windshield was approximately $5500 of which we paid $1000... getting a lower deductible once we have her switched to Saskatchewan plates too.

Brad has filed the documentation to get Saskatchewan Veterans plates and it has been approved so we are awaiting their arrival in the mail. Meanwhile, next step is to get the Saskatchewan safety done on Ace so we can plate her here. Since we just pulled her out and put her back in storage, I'll be trying to get her in for safety somewhere around the end of the month so we're not such a pain in the arse for the RV storage people since it is a large storage shed on their home acreage that she is stored in.

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