Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Last Mountain Lake, SK

We are still awaiting word on the deal for our house... told you it was in the boonies, everything takes forever there.

Meanwhile, in an effort to figure out what we want to do with ourselves next regardless of when the house sells... yesterday, we drove down to Last Mountain Lake to see what it was all about.

Nice lake, with homes right on the waters edge that have their own docks - perfect for what we want. There are several options on our list of things we could do next and since we are here currently, we figured why not take a look around and see whats what.

I didn't think to take any pictures of the actual lake.... typical, I know... but if I didn't have all these quirks, you wouldn't love me half as much.

Calf in a field

Brad had quite the time hitting every puddle and destroying our recent car wash on these dirt/mud roads

Prairie land lovers

Beautiful valley down by Regina Beach

While the lake was great, there were no amenities particularly. Regina Beach is very old and the Mom & Pop Greek restaurant we went to for lunch had an overwhelming stench of mold and the food desperately needed some salt but the owners were extremely nice and friendly, so we didn't say anything. Considering how much we love to eat out, not having reasonable restaurants around would be a huge problem. I hate to cook and he hates to eat what I cook.

We only checked out the West side of Last Mountain Lake and we may go back to check out the East side mostly for something to do at some point. 

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