Friday, 15 June 2018


Flyer out yesterday shows just what a difference we in Canada pay compared to our American neighbours for alcohol. That bottle of Smirnoff Vodka as an example, we paid $14 for in AZ.

Shhh Don't tell Ace, but we kinda stepped out on him yesterday and did a little browsing of other RVs. There was a big sale going on so we drove out and had a look but didn't see anything worth switching rigs for but we're still keeping an eye out. We'd prefer a couple of extra feet, more bay storage, somewhat larger kitchen, better seating and of course 3 season.

Drove around and looked at a couple of local RV parks on the way back to the city

We found one we really liked (I forgot to take a picture) but it is currently full.

We are in quite a scheduling kerfuffle at the moment since THE DEAL WAS SIGNED ON OUR HOUSE YESTERDAY!!!!! So now we'll likely have to go back out East to our house and get our stuff in July... Brad's Mum left yesterday for the UK and we are looking after her house until the end of June when she returns. All conditions (only house inspection left) must be removed from the deal by the end of June and then we can head out there to get our stuff. Possession is mid August. So we have no idea, really, if the sale will be finalized and won't know for another 2 weeks. Then we have to get out there, grab our stuff, clean house and bring our stuff back out West. So no idea when we'll be needing a place to put Ace. 

I've been all over the internet trying to find boondocking in this country and specifically Saskatchewan to no avail. There are plenty of overnight spots but we'd like to avoid living the Walmart life if possible. All I can find so far are Provincial/National Parks which are expensive and have a maximum 2 week limit. I know there are some Regional/City parks and they are an option too but likely we'll end up in a RV Park somewhere for convenience sake. 

Any boondocking suggestions in SK, AB or BC would be much appreciated. We have all this solar...

We've talked again about getting a sailboat, and we may yet, but I think we need a 'home base' first. Sure we could live in a sailboat for the Canadian summers but we have 'stuff' and frankly we need somewhere to store it all. Brad is not the 'get rid of it all' kind of guy and he needs that 'home' for his own warm fuzzy sanity. As regular readers know, Brad loves to garden so I'd like to give him that since he has indulged my travelling gypsy life, seems only fair.

As liberating as it is to be retired so young and have the ability to go/do whatever you want, having so many options available can really bog you down. We could buy a house at the lake, build a house at the lake, buy an RV site, buy a condo in the mountains, get a large catamaran that can hold all our stuff, get a sailboat and keep our stuff in storage, sell everything and move abroad, live in the prairies close to family, live in the mountains, live on the ocean.... aye aye aye. 

We haven't got the foggiest idea what we'll end up doing so until we figure it out - Nobody move! 

We've made a few decisions which were not the brightest in the last 8 years. It was my idea to move to the area where our current house is - that was a terrible idea, it turns out. But worse is that that bad decision led to so many other bad decisions. Now that we have an accepted deal on the house, we are actually feeling like that dark cloud is lifting and we can get on with our lives.

Although in fairness, had we NOT moved to that area and experienced the things that we did, we would not have been able to retire at 44 and 48 years old and be in the position that we are currently. Was it worth it? Yes, I suppose so, but just barely.

Perhaps its because of all the crazy stuff we've had go wrong these last few months but since that deal was signed yesterday, man I feel like a million bucks! It really has had a major uplifting effect on our psyche and we've even been able to laugh. Not that we've been miserable or anything but lets face it so much has been going wrong, what was there to laugh about?! Now with the dark cloud lifting we are really feeling the positive effects and once again look forward to the future.


  1. Ace just posted a tweet and he knows. He's not a happy camper.

  2. I am not in your shoes but I suggest that you take lots of time and do several pro and con lists in writing before you make a decision. Good luck.

  3. Try free campsites. net for boondocks in B.C.,Canada and the U.S.

    1. I've checked that one and while it is good there just doesn't seem to be much in the SK area... some just not much. Thought maybe there was something somewhere with a little more options. Perhaps not.


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