Sunday, 29 July 2018

3 days of life

With this bad internet, we have to take what we can get so I am writing a 3 day post just because the internet is working.... hope it stays that way long enough to post.

On Thursday we had a bit of a storm: I have only seen this exaggerated swooshing effect in the mountains, no idea about the science behind it but it is beautiful to see.

On Friday there was a Deer in the park, there is an abundance of wildlife around these parts. We also took a hike on Flowing Waters Trail but I forgot the camera! It was so incredibly beautiful that we will do it again just to get pics for you guys... It also rained again... everyday for several now, usually in the afternoons.

Saturday we went for a hike on one of the many trails in this park. Middle Lake Trail. 

View of Saturdays storm from the Nakoda Casino on Hwy 1 just East of Canmore

Adolescent black bear off Hwy 40, sorry about the pic but I wasn't getting out of the car - though he was across the street - I'm a wuss and okay with it.  LOL

We have heard that there has been a black bear seen in the vicinity of the park and a cougar to boot... haven't seen either as yet and hope to keep it that way. However, should we be so fortunate I will try to get a pic.

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