Sunday, 8 July 2018

A Saskatchewan Summer

You know your in Saskatchewan when...

a.k.a. 37C

 Our solar panels were bringing in 40.6 Amps

This is why I don't do selfies

My 'thing' is to tell everyone how cute I am... and I get away with it because while I don't have self esteem problems, I also don't think I'm all that. Perhaps it is just in my mind, but I 'think' I'm getting away with it. Maybe people just think I'm a nut. Whatever. 

However, while I'm proud of every wrinkle I've earned through my life so far... I don't really like pictures of them floating around in the world, real or cyber. It may also be the old school upbringing I got about not being vain... I don't know but selfies are just not a comfortable thing for me. I do try, I swear it.

It has been so incredibly hot here and having been on the East coast for the last 8 years we are just not used to it anymore, obviously. We've gone to the city every day and generally end up on Brad's Mum's deck, tucked nicely into the shade to get some reprieve from the heat. The poor woman probably just wants rid of us.

I actually faint in the heat, so I have to be very careful and make sure that I stay hydrated - more so than would be considered 'normal'. My body just does not retain fluid, which I always thought was a good thing  - until I returned to spend the summer in Saskatchewan! Holy Hell kinda Hot.

I think I wrote about our change of plans... we were going to clear out our house on the East coast in July, but we have decided to wait until August due to a s.n.a.f.u (literally). We contacted the campground that allowed us to store the RV here back in April, even before they opened and have taken a spot here for the month of July.

It's a nice campground, I wrote about it the other day. Not a lot to do around here and Brad is getting bored, so I went to the office to discuss a workamping option with them for when we return at the end of August. This campground stays open until the end of October which I find very shocking having lived in Saskatchewan since I was 5 - looong time, it gets damn cold here in October.

Anyway, Brad has taken to walking lately. He does a mile twice a day, which to some may not seem like much but with his back issues its quite a feat. We are not very active people, which we'd sure like to fix. I had planned to do PickleBall in Saskatoon but when we volunteered to work the PB Tournament here a couple of months back, nobody knew what was going on, I couldn't get a straight answer about whether to show up or wait for a call, someone was supposed to call me about it but never did and it put a bad taste in my mouth so we've just never gone. I actually miss playing and I know I'm going to get grief about not being any better when I get back to the Ranch in November, but I do it for fun and exercise, not to be some PB Champion, unlike some.

We had a comment yesterday from some regular readers asking about our smoking/vaping and how that was going. Well, I'm happy to report that we are both still vaping and haven't had a cigarette in 2 months, without even a hiccup. Even our Doctor is happy, while vaping is still more than our lungs were designed for (O2), at least we are not getting the smoke, tar and chemicals that accompany the nicotine of a cigarette. Vaping is just nicotine.... at least as far as anyone is telling us (the common folk).

When vaping first came out, I never imagined that I'd be doing it. I do not like to be a guinea pig for anything but with cigarettes being $19.10/pack we finally decided enough was enough. Vaping costs us about $100/month compared to the $900/month we were spending on cigarettes.

Also, we have reduced our nicotine levels fairly dramatically already. We both started out on 18mg of nicotine and have reduced down a couple of times putting Brad at 10mg and me at 6mg. The idea being to reduce and eventually stop altogether.

Camping in a Saskatchewan summer means wood fires, Off, hotdogs and hamburgers. These smells are wafting in and around the RV often and its a comforting smell I find. Not that I was a camping person growing up but I find the smell of wood fires and Off especially just speaks 'summer' to me.


  1. That is so awesome that vaping is working out for you and Brad!!

    What on earth are you going to do with an extra $800 bucks a month ... lol.

    I know our season is way too short, but wouldn't it be awesome to have something like The Ranch here in Sask with its multiple swimming pools and pickleball courts!

    I still have my fingers and eyes crossed that your house sale goes through.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Yes, Yes it would. I have found a few in AB but nothing here. Actually this place we are in could easily become like the Ranch, it has the bones for it. Would be great to boot around in a golf cart when its this hot. I'm surprised there are not any parks with PB courts, given its popularity but like you said its a short season. Thanks for keeping things crossed, it is much appreciated. We'll tell you all about it one day.

  2. Used to be Canada had somewhat temperate weather when we were cooking in the states. Now this heat wave is covering a lot of territory. Our problem is the humidity, which compounds the discomfort.


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