Friday, 6 July 2018

Campland RV Resort

Brad's Mum came home from her holidays a few days ago so we found ourselves a camping site, hauled the RV out of storage and have set her up.

What a mess that was, we had so much stuff at his Mum's house!!! It all got loaded in the RV and had to be sorted through once we had her set into position. Oh, and cleaned at the same time!

Anyway, it is all done now and I have a month to triage a few areas and get rid of or better organize some of our stuff.

This is Campland RV Resort, owned by a husband and wife, the very people who allowed us to park our RV here back in April, before they even opened.

Campland offers full hookups, coin laundry, coin showers, swimming pool with spray park and EXCELLENT WIFI (extenders all over the park), a store (everything from pop/chips, sewer hose and connectors to firewood). The water pressure here is very high and you will need a regulator, which they sell in the shop, but it is 'City water' and all the pipes along the highway are relatively new so you don't need your water filter/softener.. It has been quiet here - even last night (a Friday) wasn't bad. Most people here are locals who skipped out for the weekend or a week with the family.

Its a nice campground to be sure, meticulously maintained. This is a new campground and they have done a really nice job of it. Once the trees get bigger and they put in a pickleball court....

Our view

Our spot

Anyway, it's a nice spot and close to the city where we need to be right now. All things being equal, in August we are going to the house out East to get our stuff and that should be the end of that chapter.

As a side note: We were watching TV last night (OverTheAir) but lost signal when we turned on a light - any light. Any thoughts on that? We are plugged in. It was late so we didn't delve into it last night but will be taking a look this morning.


  1. If you have LED lights they can cause loss of TV signal over the air. We have a couple in our 5th wheel that cause it, but not all of them.

    1. Wow, really!?!?! Ours are all LED. That's great, just great! LOL Thanks for letting us know that, at least it's not some wiring glitch, that's a major relief!

    2. Same with us...we have all LED or Florescent. The LED over bathroom sink will cause an interruption of some over-the-air channels. Others don't seem to affect the TV signal.

    3. I switched out 2 bulbs from the closets for the duration of our stay here so we can have one light at night. It works! Thank you so much.

  2. The emag radiation from the light interferes with the signal.

    1. Thank you for the explanation Dana, unfortunately understanding it is well above my pay grade. Hopefully it will help others though assuming they know that by emag you are referring to electromagnetic radiation. For me, simply changing the bulbs temporarily for our current circumstance has sufficed.

  3. Although it looks like a nice campground, it certainly isn't
    "The Ranch" ... ha ha.

    BTW... How are you doing with quitting smoking?

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Hey guys, We've been 2 months without a cigarette now and it's just not even a thing we think about anymore. Neither of us ever imagined that quitting smoking would be so easy, that said, we still need to quit vaping, but... We started at 18mg of nicotine and now Brad is at 10mg and I am at 6mg, we think we will sit at these numbers for a while before reducing again since there was a definite adjustment period during the last reduction.


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