Saturday, 21 July 2018

Cochrane and Calgary for Organic Meat

Once again, nothing too exciting. Since we haven't had time to really do anything since we settled in, today was off to get groceries. When we lived here before, we always went to the Calgary Farmer's Market to get Organic Meat so that is where we were headed this morning - after Brad's massage, of course.

Our neighbour Jim told us there is a Farmer's Market in Cochrane now, so we decided to check it out. We took Hwy 1A as it is far more scenic than the #1 Freeway (the 1A is the original highway through here that one would have taken back in the 70's).

Ghost lake nestled in the foothills near Morley, AB

Ghost Lake 

Boats on the hard at Ghost Lake

...and on moorings

This is a new housing development at Ghost Lake that we have been eyeing up for a couple of years already, they were just beginning it when we were here before and now it is a whole community. There are still lots for sale on the water's edge - as low as $550K - Yes, thats just the lot. Unless I win the lottery...

Quite busy at the end of the day (closed at 1:30 today, we got there about 1pm)

Someone told me a story this morning and this made me think of that. If you read this, you know who you are.

Tons of fresh Fruit and Veg

Leggings galore, capri's, kids, even matchy matchy to Mum. Great little business just starting out so if your in the market, check it out.

At the Ranch where we winter, there is a rock thing going on - people painting rocks and hiding them for others to find. I didn't buy one but maybe I should have.

It was good, there were plenty of different products available but only 2 vendors for meat and then really only sausages. So off to Calgary Farmer's Market we went.... except they moved it. Much farther to go now and with both gas and meat prices these days, likely not worthwhile going that far but I will be checking the local Nutter's shop where we know they sell Organic meat here in Canmore.

View of the Mountains behind us as we left Cochrane

Made it to Calgary and finally found the Farmer's Market

1st stop, lunch. We had Shawarma from 2greekgals and it was really delicious

The place was packed. Of course, we went on a Saturday...


Shocked by the prices. Guess we've been gone too long. Regular meat is expensive nowadays so Organic was Yikes.

Plenty of vendors... fruits, veg

Soaps, Candles

Body warm fuzziness

You know I wasn't leaving without Chocolate! What I didn't realize is that this is my favourite chocolate - Bernard Callebaut

"My family has been perfecting the craft of making chocolate since 1911. I passionately continue the tradition with every Master Chocolat creation" - Bernard Callebaut

Bow River. Look closely and you can see people rafting down the river.

View of the mountains as we head home

Getting closer

...and closer, Hwy 1A is a beautiful scenic road, highly recommend. Not for BIG RIGS particularly, though you likely could... but I wouldn't - sharp drop offs and narrow hilly roads. Usually some wildlife or other makes its presence known along here also.

We saw a black bear on our first day, right here at the entrance to the park (its a massive park - so a couple of kilometers from the campsites) and usually at least a deer a day. We were just commenting today that we have seen 'something' every day since we've been here. So I'll tell you if a day goes by and we don't... OR, if I manage to get a picture! No luck so far.

There is a warning out at the moment about bears, since the berries they eat (which escape me at the moment) are out in full force, hence the bears are everywhere. While working in the backhills we have bear bells and bear spray on us, just in case. Even Robbie has a bear bell on his leash. Best to let them know your there, unless they are literally starving they will avoid you -- but only if they know your there! So bang pots, sing, yodel, whatever you have to do to make noise and ensure they avoid you.

As for internet. Those first few days we were here were terrible, and it still isn't great but I seem to have found the pattern and its working much better though still spotty - at least here at camp. In the hills there is just nothing! The signal I am linked to seems to turn on about 9am and off about 10pm Mon - Fri... Uh oh, its 10:02 now... yikes. Still working out the weekend schedule.

Unlike our previous locale (yes, still not saying), the Calgary, Canmore, Banff area are full of people who believe in being healthy so Organic is widely available in these parts. I can't speak to the rest of Alberta, though I do know that it is picking up in popularity in Saskatchewan, so perhaps its becoming readily available everywhere.

Okay 10:17pm, I've pushed my luck far enough for tonight...


  1. Looks like fun checking out the farmers markets, e always enjoy them as well.

    1. Hey, aren't you supposed to be travelling today? Get off the computer LOL (of course, this was hours ago)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Quincy, Nice to hear from you again. It was a hot, calm day.


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