Thursday, 19 July 2018

Ducks, Storms and Internet Woes

It was beautiful up in the mountains yesterday, with the imminent threat of thunderstorms looming all day. It made for a much cooler day than we have been experiencing so far and Robbie was grateful for it.

Mountain Pond

Canada Geese

Taking a swim

Rain in the distance

Thunder clapped most of the day

Skies got progressively worse.

After a few torrential downpours it started to dissipate.

Now about our internet.
We don't have any.
There is an open network within range but it seems to have some kind of repeater that kicks us out randomly and its too short to get much done. The hosts that live up in the mountains gave us a wifi extender but because of the kicker-outer-thing it isn't helping. Will certainly help later on as we travel but right here, right now - nothing seems to work.

So if my posts are sporadic this is why (at least while we are here in the mountains). We have 13GB on our phones which is always an option but we like to keep that available for running around. Also there is no cell, phone or even CB radio coverage up in the Kananaskis mountains. I am rushing to get this posted before it boots me again...


  1. Darn ... Too bad about your communication issues. We depend on our devices too!!

    Looking at your forecast, you have highs in the 20's, and really cooling off at night...PERFECT!!

    That is why I love living in the mountains...ha ha

    1. If thats the case, when should we expect you? LOL


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