Friday, 20 July 2018

First day off - Laundry

Naturally, when we got the call about this job we had a half full laundry hamper.... no time to deal with it, we just had to pack up and go. We've been working every day since so we had a doozy load to do and with today being our first day off - that was priority one.

First stop, laundromat

There is laundry here at the camp but it is in someone's basement and I haven't had a chance to find out just where that is yet, so we went into Canmore since we had such a haul of laundry to do. I split the clothes into 2 loads, another load of bed sheets and a 4th load with the comforter which was well past due. $3.00 to wash about 20 minutes, then $0.25 for 5 min of drying... I did 30 min and it was perfect. I put 40 min to dry on the comforter and by the time the rest was folded that was finished and dry too.

Church on the main drag (not main st.) of Canmore
If memory serves me (remember I'm blonde) it is no longer used for Church purposes but we can't remember what is in there now and I forgot to look.

The Grizzly Paw for lunch

This is for a friend -- private joke.

Many artists have glam'd up the utility boxes around town

Big Head 
We always joke about the size of Brad's head so when they put this in ( we were living here at the time- it became a thing)

8 Street
This is the 'Main Street' but is not called Main Street.... shops of everything from candy to furniture and all the goodies in between.

Excuse the bug remnants... more Main Street*

Convenience store

Canmore is known for its monstrous homes but there are some simpler ones as well. Everything from a million dollar doozy to a 50's bungalow, although those are becoming few and far between.

Mid range home

Mid range home with a T@B in the yard...
This one has always been our favourite, it backs onto the Bow River

Main Street* facing north this time

Bow River runs through it

We have been struggling with what to drink...

We had been buying bottled flavoured water which was great and we really enjoyed it but they were single serve, expensive and environmentally unconscionable ($4 for 6 + all the enviro blah blah charges on top - yikes). Orange juice takes up room in the fridge and/or freezer and a 2L only gets you about 4 glasses, maybe 5 and Pop is out.

In the grocery store the other week I picked up some Crystal Light, the recipe on the package says 1 pouch to 6C of water..... well, that was nasty - waaaay to sweet so I played with it and have figured out that 1 pouch to 4L of water is the perfect ratio. Just enough flavour to taste and the sugar content is obviously diluted such that you can sip on this stuff all day and not go into a diabetic coma.

A package of 4 is about $2 and it makes a 4L jug which lasts us several days... lightweight, minimal storage required and you just add water.

I put the kettle on and mix a bit to melt the crystals well first then add it to the 4L jug (CPAP distilled jug I saved), once it is cooled on the counter I then add it to the fridge to get cold. RV friendly!


  1. What a beautiful town!

    :D :D *still* smiling at the bottled juice ;)


  2. Isn't Cyrstal Light sugar free?

    1. Hmmm, now that you mention it... I’ll check when we get home.

    2. Sweetened with Aspartame & Acesulfame-Potassium. Whats that old adage? If you can't pronounce it don't swallow it... Uh Oh. LOL

  3. It has been suggested to me privately, that Crystal Light may be extremely unhealthy. Use your judgement.


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