Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Hard Day at the Office

Well everyone, went to a remote campsite to learn the ropes so as to be able to cover the full-time campground managers at this remote site 2 days a week so that they can have some time off. What an amazing area. Able to take Robbie too in the provided work truck and it is wearing him out LOL...

Absolutely beautiful creek running through the area

Mountain meadow

Someone has a sense of humour, no it doesn't work

The creek below - careful

An old cabin built over 100 yrs ago by a prospector we're told


Inside the cabin

Log steps leading down to the creek

Stunning mountains in background

Close up of same mountains

Interpretive center

Ears back, first day and he's over this working for a living business LOL 
It was almost 30C (86F) yesterday.

One of many picnic areas to keep clean. 

Gorgeous pond

Once back from work we decided it was too hot to cook so off to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. Years ago we frequented this place so regularly that they gave us staff shirts. Some of you may have seen Brad's 'Bite Me' shirt... its from here.

Hmmm, to live here again...

Ha Ling Peak in the background. Just below and right of this is a climbing area enroute to the Spray Lakes where we got married 10 years ago next month.

Bow River runs through Canmore

Center right is the back of our old house with Three Sisters in the front yard.

Front of our old house, doesn't look like much here - but it was.

Old neighbours house has a stuffed Polar Bear in an entrance window that was lit up at night.

View from our previous front yard. Hard to take.

Sat outside and chatted with L-R: Steve, Barb, Jim, Gaytha, Brad and Robbie and Dixie in the middle.

So this workamping job requires a check on the camping areas, pick up any garbage, clean the topside of the vault toilets (outhouses, worst part of the job), sell firewood to the campers, ensure compliance (payment and the following of rules). And campground hosts are expected to do all this while enjoying the most amazing views we've seen anywhere and pack a picnic lunch to boot... tough life.

Time will tell, but everyone else who works here seems to love it (many have been here for several years) and the people we are working with/for, all the staff seem friendly, helpful and most of all - happy so, on the face of it, this gig seems like a coup and we are grateful for the opportunity.


  1. Not like any office I've worked at before (if you can call that work). Stunning.

  2. To have a Job like that would be wonderful. We're sure that you'll enjoy every minute you spend there.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Gorgeous scenery!! Next time instead of going to Colorado, we will just visit our neighbouring province. It looks like a great job, with great people!! Take care ... TnT


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