Thursday, 26 July 2018

Update with bad internet

We are having a lot of issues with the internet at this location. Sometimes it works, sometimes it kind of works but more often it doesn't work.

Here are a few pics from our day trip to Canmore's downtown yesterday. Hope it posts.

Brad has his massages here at Back At It Massage

Metal Artwork

Dog, Cow, Superman... I've no idea.

The 'Ritzy' shop Stonewaters in downtown Canmore where you can furnish your entire home, although they seem to be either out of stock or turning away from the furniture aspect of it in lieu of more decor items.

Lots of really cool Mountain/Wilderness signs which Canmore is all about

Very expensive but cool art. This is very popular artwork in this area.

Bear Carving

Lunch once again at The Grizzly Paw

The Alberta Brewer's Burger wasn't nearly as good as it was on Thursday, they gave us a staff discount to compensate ($14 off)

A View of the Rockies down the Bow River

Gap Lake

Heart Mountain

Okay so here's my pet peeve ( one of many). When riding a bicycle: FACE ONCOMING TRAFFIC. Especially along this particular road (1A at Canmore - Exshaw) as bikers get killed here every year. If you can't see them coming.... DUH!

Seebe Reservoir

We had a nice night out last night next door visiting with our neighbours. Emma had a bad tooth (which should be fixed by now as she was going to see 'the man'). Todd and Brad had a long conversation about some legal stuff Todd is dealing with and I just drank a couple glasses of Crown and Coke and looked cute.... nice and relaxing. Home in time for bed.

Today I did the laundry at the campground facility and Brad cleaned the Jeep inside and out. Then off to Canmore's Rocky Mountain Flatbread -- get used to it, we go there A LOT. 

Our friends up the hill (Brenda & Phil) that we cover for when we work up there, sent a pic this morning - they woke up to snow! I can't post it as she hasn't said I could yet. The internet is shoddy up there so when she responds, I will post that pic then.


  1. Unfortunately traffic laws state that bikes must drive the same direction as cars. Doesn't always work out best tho.

    1. Absolutely true. I don't give a damn. Ticket me I'd rather argue that to the death than be dead. But thats just me, obviously - or it wouldn't still be the rule.


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