Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Western Development Museum Day with Friends

We have had major storms here in Saskatchewan the last couple of days/nights. But don't get me started on the weatherman! I have as much use for that moron as.... suffice to say, we were unexpectedly awoken at 1:30am when nothing was supposed to happen until 5:30am just an hour before when we went to bed.

Rainbow over the park after a storm yesterday evening

Our friends Linda & Larry were driving through once again on their way home to Ontario so we decided to take them to the Western Development Museum here in Saskatoon which showcases the history of Saskatchewan through the years. Its a fascinating self-guided tour and at $10 for adults it is well worth it in our opinion. There is even a little restaurant in Boomtown where you can have a little lunch before or after looking around, we opted to go to Broadway Cafe today and everyone enjoyed a good old fashioned burger.

Heading in to meet Linda & Larry at the WDM

Haven't even started yet and sitting down already!

Boomtown is an indoor street of houses, shops and services of yesteryear.

Just a little cush before dinner I suppose

The Grocers

Candy display

Side bit with oldies but goodies

Interesting but just setting up so no info

Comfortractor - sooo cute

Details of Comfortractor, worth the read

This old relic isn't likely to be remembered by most. 
Jeez talk about making a person feel old.
To see this in a museum made us all laugh.

Original Jeeps?....
2 door on the left, 4 door on the right... 
Obviously not, but that's what they looked like to me.

Boys being Boys in the car department
Larry standing like a good little school boy which you will see later - he isn't! 

Super cool plane hanging from the ceiling

2 old relics

The Pharmacy

The Jail
Larry was a very naughty boy and Cpl. Linda busted him

The School

The Hurse

Sod House w/ 2ft walls

Inside Sod House

Below are pics of a Depression Era Home



Emerson Respirator

My sexy legs in the Fun House

...And the hips

Boomtown street

The Butchers

Newspaper printing plates and typesetter (I believe)

Didn't buy this but definitely should have


Took Robbie to the Doggie wash after having lunch with Linda & Larry. He hates having a bath so when I want a picture, he gets all pouty and won't look at me.

We had a great time with great friends. So glad they took some time in their travels to spend with us both coming and going... Really love these two (you too Jake :D) Hope to see them again next month when we travel through Ontario to the East coast and back.


  1. The photo titled "interesting but just setting up so no info" is a Ford Model T (circa 1920) with an aftermarket "snowmobile" kit. These were used in the winter, generally for delivery. They were essential for rural mail delivery. The kit included an add on tag axle and wheels with the tracks, which were turned by the car drive axle. The front axle was replaced by the skis. The car in the photo also has an add on enclosed box, which appears to be homemade. The original body on the Model T was removed to install the box.
    More info:

    1. Thanks Bill, I'm surprised its recognizable with all those modifications... appreciate the input.


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