Sunday, 15 July 2018

We've arrived

We left Saskatoon yesterday morning at 830am and arrived in Canmore at 530pm. It made for a long day. Incidentally, we are not actually IN Canmore but rather just outside. We were met and taken to our 'host site' where we met a couple of the other hosts while getting ourselves hooked up.

This space is a little tight for our rig and we may be making alterations to the way we sit on the spot or could also move to another spot but we were so tired last night that we decided just to go with it as we are and make a decision about that once we were rested. I haven't taken any pics of our spot as yet.

The Host Sites are not within the campground proper but is our own little campground area tucked away from the masses. There are 5 sites here. Today we are to meet up at 11am at the 'shop' to be introduced and get more details on whats what and where, etc. Then tomorrow we will have a half day to get familiar with the job itself. We are provided with a campground truck, t-shirts, hat, etc.

I took a couple of pics yesterday and if it looks like it was taken from the driver's seat, rest assured it was taken from the back seat behind the driver.... :D

Welcome to Alberta

Lake at eastern entrance to the Rockies

Same lake showing the mountains in the background

The Three Sisters Mountain I mentioned yesterday, this time from MY camera.

There is only 1 bar of cell service at this location, so while it does work it is somewhat spotty. I will be asking about wifi today but until then I am running my laptop off my iPhone hotspot and lets face it - wifi is likely not available. We are literally in the bush at the base of - and surrounded by - mountains.

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  1. Beautiful!! (and a tad jealous ;) )

    (Side note -- the only provincial sign I didn't get a photo of was Alberta)



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