Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Switching Domains and some pics

I have decided to switch domains out of Blogger.

It may take a short while to get everything sorted out.

Please be patient if posts take awhile.

Meanwhile, here are yesterdays pics..

Three Sisters Mountain

Robbie helping Mum at work

Dawson Creek to the Left

Dawson Creek to the Right

Dawson Creek

Sibbald Lake

Boys & Girls Club at Sibbald Lake


  1. Glad I found you again. Had to go through a back door sort of thing. I'll bookmark this site.

    1. Hi Judith, The sure is up and running once again. What a week it was sorting that out!

    2. PS The link is simply

  2. Yup it's all good now. Link works. Safe travels, I'm heading that way next Monday. Cheers, Judi


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