Monday, 6 August 2018

While we were offline....

Here are some pics I found on my phone from several days ago when my site was down for the count...

We were in Canmore last week and stopped for lunch at one of our favourite places:

This is an Old English Hotel/Restaurant/Pub in Canmore
from a bygone era.

Hope you enjoy the pics

Fantastic large fireplace and Brad & Robbie of course

The Pub

It was raining off and on but these are some pics of the outside deck area

Tons of flowers surrounding the outside deck

This is a model of the building

Mountain climbers

This is an old mining town...

Its all natural gas nowadays...

Chicken Pot Pie with salad

Yorkshire stuffed with Roast Beef with mash

A fire in the backcountry caused much smoke in town

Photo Bombed - hey Mr.!

The smoke helps to see the different layers of mountains that without the smoke just looks like one big mass.

You can barely make out Three Sisters Mountain in the background through the smoke
Saw this carpet covered van in the grocers parking lot... couldn't resist a pic

Okay, so now the Blog is back up I will begin taking pics once again. Spent all my free time the last week or so trying to get the bloody blog working again, what a frustration! Over now so we shall carry on.

Tomorrow night we fly out to our house to clear all of our belongings and do a few odds and ends. 

We are putting everything in storage until next spring when we hope to have time to drive it across the country (a week long drive), see friends and family and escape the hell we have been in for 8 years. The countdown is on, possession day is but 9 days away...

For those just joining us, HERE is a link to the first post should you be inclined to catch up: The next post is accessible from the bottom of each post, just click 'newer post'. When I started researching the RVLife, I read each blog from the start. For me, it helps me to get a 'feel' of the people I'm following.


  1. Nice to see your blog up and running again. Welcome back from cyberspace.
    Wonder if that guy has a 12 volt vacuum for his van.

    1. Haha, I've no doubt he does Bill. No doubt. :D


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