Sunday, 30 September 2018

Brad's Bday, Campground update & Saturday Market

We wanted to get to the Saturday Market (crazy busy, btw) to see what was available and also to scout some local vendors for items which campers may 'forget' and would appreciate having handy... There were a few we came across, Island Soap being but one example. They make 'sample' sizes which would be ideal for a camper who forgot soap, body wash, shampoo, etc. I spoke to them and they are interested in making an arrangement so that's great.

We went to the beach in the afternoon (before the rain started). Not a huge beach but dog friendly and very nice. Great views of sailboats and of course, Galiano Island. No we haven't been to any of the other islands yet, it's coming.

The Beach just down the road from us.

Tree House Cafe. You can clearly see why. 

Chili Prawns (appetizer)

The tree in the middle

Tree House Cheese Burger with side of Caesar Salad (fries not an option)

Tree House Deluxe Burger with Caesar Salad

Live Music in the early evenings

Such a cute restaurant, we love it.

Came home to a fire in the pit, birthday cake and a stiff drink (or 2)

Doesn't look a day over 54 does he?! :D

Campground update:
Okay so the couple who were hired to be the current Manager's relief hosts (and ours once we take over Jan 1st), decided not to come after all (they were expected yesterday). Fortunately, Brenda & Phil were planning to winter with us here so after discussion with the owner, we contacted them to see if they would be interested in being our relief hosts. Thankfully, they loved the idea.

Not sure if I've introduced Brenda & Phil to you guys yet.. hmmm. Anyway, they had a site booked here for the winter beginning Nov 1st and now they may well be staying on with us indefinitely. Yay!
They were the Manager's of the campground at Sibbald (sure I've mentioned Sibbald...) and we were their relief hosts... my how things change hey Brenda? (she reads the blog)... we all hit it off right away and honestly without them I know for a fact our experience at Bow Valley would have been completely different. So we are all looking forward to their arrival at the end of October.

Everything here seems to be well and we will begin as relief hosts for the current Manager's tomorrow as they have not had a day off for something akin to a year! Crazy, right?! We offered when we first arrived but they were happy to wait until their relief arrived, so... 

Onward and Upward my friends, onward and upward.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Exploring the area

A trip to Duncan: 

If you look real close you will see the Duncan ferry just above the top left side of this sheds roof. 

A rather unsightly pulp mill seems so out of place in such an environmentally conscious place as this, but there you have it - right beside the ferry port at Crofton.

View of Vesuvius, Salt Spring Island from the Duncan Ferry (technically, its the Crofton ferry but to me the 3 ferry's running to and from this island are Duncan, Victoria and Vancouver)

Waiting to board the Ferry home

Beautiful English roads here on this island, so many sights that remind us of England and there are Black/Rasp berry bushes absolutely everywhere.

On the southern end of Salt Spring Island (SSI) is the Fulford Harbour, when driving around in the south end we had a Turkey cross the road in front of us... never seen a Turkey crossing before.

Sheep in a field, seen all over SSI

Ganges Harbour

Buzzy's Deli is located in Ganges Alley: Howard, Melinda and Kim whip up some fantastic sandwiches. Thick with flavourful Montreal Smoked meat and Coleslaw (no slaw on mine, thank you) they are very filling and incredibly delicious. Our faithful reader Judith told us about this deli and it will be a regular haunt for us, without a doubt! The deli just opened in June and there are locals here that we have talked to who didn't know it was there... won't be long and these guys will need a bigger space, the place is very popular and for good reason.

A street in downtown Ganges

Ganges Harbour

Today is Brad's Birthday - Happy Birthday!! I took him shopping yesterday for his present and tonight we are going to The Tree House Cafe for a Curry supper. 

Off to the Saturday market this morning - before the tourists we're told - and expect to have an enlightening conversation with the campground owner this afternoon, so it will be a busy day. More on both of those later.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Salt Spring Island

We have arrived at Salt Spring Island, BC and it is magical here. I will attempt to capture it in pictures one of these days, though this island really needs someone like Al from the Bayfield Bunch to really showcase its beauty and all I have is an iPhone... 

Tsawwassen - Long Harbour Ferry 
Mayne Island to the left, Galiano Island to the right.

View as you enter Long Harbour. Docking is just the other side of that little island

Our spot. Once we start the position Jan 1st, we will move to the spot on the left but for now - this is home.

Went to the Tree House Cafe for lunch, stunned I didn't take any pics but I will as the cafe is awesome.

SSI Art Gallery, but also a private joke with our friends Brenda & Phil who are not arriving until Nov.

We are settling in and finding our feet here. Lynn and Milton (current Managers) have been very great in greeting us and we look forward to working with them as we learn the ins and outs of the park. I will have to do a blog about this park, it is quite mystical and I hope to capture that essence as we put our own stamp on it over the next few months.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Saskatoon once again

A lot has happened in the last few weeks but I've had no reasonable access to the internet so was not able to post.

We finished up at the campground in Bow Valley and dropped the RV off in Red Deer for some warranty work. We are now in Saskatoon once again visiting family before heading out West to Salt Spring Island for our newest adventure.

Pretty excited to get out there as you might imagine.

We sent a letter to the bank re: house issues but have not heard anything back as yet. So nothing new to report on that.

For those who know: Brad won his court case he's been waiting on the decision about for the last 20 months or so. He sent a message to the other side inquiring if they still wish to continue - I've not a doubt that they will - which is okay by me because they just keep digging themselves deeper every time and my shopping spree gets bigger and better :D

He helped a friend with an employment issue he was having and is now assisting my youngest good son with a custody issue. Always something it seems.

I understand that our new campground on Salt Spring has really good internet so there should be no further issues with posting once we get out there.

Meanwhile, we are looking around for a different RV. Something more suitable to our new way of RVing - ie more stationary. You will recall we bought this one because we planned to boondock and move around a lot and while we love it and I personally think we can just swap out the L-shaped dinette for theatre seats, His Lordship would prefer something a little more like an apartment than a camper. However, we do not know what kind of room we will have in our new spot so do not want to make any change until after we get west.

I am looking around now to find layouts that work so that when we are ready we just need to find one of whatever it is. The layout is the most important aspect so not decided on TT, 5th wheel or other. Though outside storage is also a thing, we are still considering a TT. For the right layout we would make concessions on outside storage since we do not have a lot of stuff there now. We did find a 2017 Bounder 35K that we both loved but the reviews are not great...

Anyway, sorry to be gone so long but once we're settled the posts should be more regular.

Sooooo excited.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

10 years on, we return to the scene of the crime

It was our 10th Anniversary on Thursday, so being in Canmore we went to the backcountry where we were married.

Aug 30, 2018

Married at the edge of Spray Lakes

Our honeymoon at Mount Engadine Lodge

Honeymoon at Mount Engadine Lodge

...and it snowed

My Studmuffin

Back to the present:

Heading to the other side of these mountains

Way up there above that power line you can see the road - barely.

Didn't see any goats, but usually you do

Stopped up the hill due to construction ahead

Canmore from half way up

Do not recommend taking a trailer or other up the side of this mountain but this guy did. Small trailer though.

Made it to the top!

Tunnel here mostly under water, divers enjoy this spot often

Snow on some peaks up here

Our wedding spot just below at the waters edge

Roads are better than ever

Avalanche area

I still got it, right?!! Right!

The mountains from our wedding pics in distance

10 years later

My man and his dog

...unless he needs to poop, then its my dog....

Still cute, maybe....

Heading back to the construction on the road

There are workers dangling down the side of this mountain as they secure it from erosion.


Then off to Banff Springs Hotel for dinner

3 bears

1888 Chop House Restaurant

I even had champagne

Caesar Salad

When the waitress brought our sides (center of table), I thought it was bad form to be holding someone else's dessert plates when we were still awaiting our mains... Turned out it was our steaks... His: $70 Mine: $76... I thought they were brownies for another table... you can see why I would think that, I'm sure.

Brad had to send his steak back as it was well and truly overcooked, I ate mine regardless. We only had $280 on us in cash and were just talking about using the credit card because we likely wouldn't have enough cash... the waiter brought the bill... $95.55! The waiter removed both steaks and my cheesecake dessert from the bill.

Very exceptional service at the 1888 Chop House in Banff Springs Hotel. Big shout out to Adam (our waiter). He really helped to make our Anniversary great.

On the way home we saw a few Deer as we were entering the campground to top off our date nicely.

We've decided to make it a thing. Every 10 years anniversary we will return to the scene of the crime.