Saturday, 1 September 2018

10 years on, we return to the scene of the crime

It was our 10th Anniversary on Thursday, so being in Canmore we went to the backcountry where we were married.

Aug 30, 2018

Married at the edge of Spray Lakes

Our honeymoon at Mount Engadine Lodge

Honeymoon at Mount Engadine Lodge

...and it snowed

My Studmuffin

Back to the present:

Heading to the other side of these mountains

Way up there above that power line you can see the road - barely.

Didn't see any goats, but usually you do

Stopped up the hill due to construction ahead

Canmore from half way up

Do not recommend taking a trailer or other up the side of this mountain but this guy did. Small trailer though.

Made it to the top!

Tunnel here mostly under water, divers enjoy this spot often

Snow on some peaks up here

Our wedding spot just below at the waters edge

Roads are better than ever

Avalanche area

I still got it, right?!! Right!

The mountains from our wedding pics in distance

10 years later

My man and his dog

...unless he needs to poop, then its my dog....

Still cute, maybe....

Heading back to the construction on the road

There are workers dangling down the side of this mountain as they secure it from erosion.


Then off to Banff Springs Hotel for dinner

3 bears

1888 Chop House Restaurant

I even had champagne

Caesar Salad

When the waitress brought our sides (center of table), I thought it was bad form to be holding someone else's dessert plates when we were still awaiting our mains... Turned out it was our steaks... His: $70 Mine: $76... I thought they were brownies for another table... you can see why I would think that, I'm sure.

Brad had to send his steak back as it was well and truly overcooked, I ate mine regardless. We only had $280 on us in cash and were just talking about using the credit card because we likely wouldn't have enough cash... the waiter brought the bill... $95.55! The waiter removed both steaks and my cheesecake dessert from the bill.

Very exceptional service at the 1888 Chop House in Banff Springs Hotel. Big shout out to Adam (our waiter). He really helped to make our Anniversary great.

On the way home we saw a few Deer as we were entering the campground to top off our date nicely.

We've decided to make it a thing. Every 10 years anniversary we will return to the scene of the crime.


  1. Happy Anniversary !!

    So glad that you were in the same neck of the woods to remember your wedding day. We got a big chuckle over the "brownies" comment, but can definitely see how you came to that conclusion ... lol.

    That would be awesome to return to Canmore for your 10's. Such a beautiful spot!

    On a side note - I noticed your weather has sure cooled off alot. Fall is in the air

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Love hearing from you guys, thanks! It is definitely cooler now (+4C tonight) but usually still 7/8C overnight.

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you!


  3. That steak looked awful cold on that plate all by it's self. We have never paid that much. Happy anniversary and many more!

    1. Thank you FG! We don't make a habit of swanky dining but 10 years we figured we'd earned it and if you knew the half of it, I'm sure you'd agree. :D

  4. Happy anniversary, sounds like a nice visit to the scene of the crime, and lotsa nice pictures.


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