Sunday, 30 September 2018

Brad's Bday, Campground update & Saturday Market

We wanted to get to the Saturday Market (crazy busy, btw) to see what was available and also to scout some local vendors for items which campers may 'forget' and would appreciate having handy... There were a few we came across, Island Soap being but one example. They make 'sample' sizes which would be ideal for a camper who forgot soap, body wash, shampoo, etc. I spoke to them and they are interested in making an arrangement so that's great.

We went to the beach in the afternoon (before the rain started). Not a huge beach but dog friendly and very nice. Great views of sailboats and of course, Galiano Island. No we haven't been to any of the other islands yet, it's coming.

The Beach just down the road from us.

Tree House Cafe. You can clearly see why. 

Chili Prawns (appetizer)

The tree in the middle

Tree House Cheese Burger with side of Caesar Salad (fries not an option)

Tree House Deluxe Burger with Caesar Salad

Live Music in the early evenings

Such a cute restaurant, we love it.

Came home to a fire in the pit, birthday cake and a stiff drink (or 2)

Doesn't look a day over 54 does he?! :D

Campground update:
Okay so the couple who were hired to be the current Manager's relief hosts (and ours once we take over Jan 1st), decided not to come after all (they were expected yesterday). Fortunately, Brenda & Phil were planning to winter with us here so after discussion with the owner, we contacted them to see if they would be interested in being our relief hosts. Thankfully, they loved the idea.

Not sure if I've introduced Brenda & Phil to you guys yet.. hmmm. Anyway, they had a site booked here for the winter beginning Nov 1st and now they may well be staying on with us indefinitely. Yay!
They were the Manager's of the campground at Sibbald (sure I've mentioned Sibbald...) and we were their relief hosts... my how things change hey Brenda? (she reads the blog)... we all hit it off right away and honestly without them I know for a fact our experience at Bow Valley would have been completely different. So we are all looking forward to their arrival at the end of October.

Everything here seems to be well and we will begin as relief hosts for the current Manager's tomorrow as they have not had a day off for something akin to a year! Crazy, right?! We offered when we first arrived but they were happy to wait until their relief arrived, so... 

Onward and Upward my friends, onward and upward.