Saturday, 29 September 2018

Exploring the area

A trip to Duncan: 

If you look real close you will see the Duncan ferry just above the top left side of this sheds roof. 

A rather unsightly pulp mill seems so out of place in such an environmentally conscious place as this, but there you have it - right beside the ferry port at Crofton.

View of Vesuvius, Salt Spring Island from the Duncan Ferry (technically, its the Crofton ferry but to me the 3 ferry's running to and from this island are Duncan, Victoria and Vancouver)

Waiting to board the Ferry home

Beautiful English roads here on this island, so many sights that remind us of England and there are Black/Rasp berry bushes absolutely everywhere.

On the southern end of Salt Spring Island (SSI) is the Fulford Harbour, when driving around in the south end we had a Turkey cross the road in front of us... never seen a Turkey crossing before.

Sheep in a field, seen all over SSI

Ganges Harbour

Buzzy's Deli is located in Ganges Alley: Howard, Melinda and Kim whip up some fantastic sandwiches. Thick with flavourful Montreal Smoked meat and Coleslaw (no slaw on mine, thank you) they are very filling and incredibly delicious. Our faithful reader Judith told us about this deli and it will be a regular haunt for us, without a doubt! The deli just opened in June and there are locals here that we have talked to who didn't know it was there... won't be long and these guys will need a bigger space, the place is very popular and for good reason.

A street in downtown Ganges

Ganges Harbour

Today is Brad's Birthday - Happy Birthday!! I took him shopping yesterday for his present and tonight we are going to The Tree House Cafe for a Curry supper. 

Off to the Saturday market this morning - before the tourists we're told - and expect to have an enlightening conversation with the campground owner this afternoon, so it will be a busy day. More on both of those later.


  1. Glad you are settling in your new home and exploring your area. It is always fun to see new things.

    1. So many new experiences and a complete reversal of our way of life for the last many years (BC being so eco friendly), it will take a while for us to get back into the flow of all that again. Checking your post now.

  2. Glad you made it to Buzzy's. What a great new adventure you are on. Can you see why people visit BC and end up staying? Just heard from friends who left Ottawa and bought a house on Gabriola Island. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures. And hopefully you will hear good news from the bank.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion of Buzzy's, we really enjoyed it. Still no word from the bank, haven't even acknowledged we sent them a letter... such a gong show.


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