Sunday, 14 October 2018

Catch up / Keep up

I know I haven't written for awhile, its been crazy busy... we have been learning the ropes here at the park, exploring the island and relaxing. I've still been taking pictures so here is an update. I will better manage my time in future.

While waiting for the ferry to Duncan, I noticed this fairy door in a tree. This is a thing on Salt Spring Island which I didn't know until we got here. I had planned to do a fairy theme here at the park because from the pictures I had seen, it just seemed such a magical enchanted forest. The entire Island is a magical enchanted forest, quite literally. There are hikes on which you can find many fairy doors, gnomes etc. 

Fairy door to a magical kingdom

A bit of a breeze on the fairy this day, sea was choppy.

Laundry and shopping complete we stopped in Vesuvius for Fish & Chips at the Seaside Restaurant. This restaurant is right on the water. At the entrance to the ferry dock it is a prime location.

There is a small bar and very friendly service

The Fish was really very good.

A few days later we went to see a movie at the local cinema: Christoper Robin it was quite the change for us and we enjoyed it.

There are palm trees here on the island.

Inside the Salt Spring Island Cinema

The roads here are very 'English', note the rock wall along the roadside... hmm, english or welsh?

Another day we took a drive to the top of Mount Maxwell


Made it to the top

Victoria is that way somewhere distant

View from the Duncan side of the island

Plenty of farms on the Fulford (South) side of the island

A lot of little islands... I could be Queen after all....

3 Amigo's

Here are a few more pics from our trip to the top of Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes FG, its beautiful here. Funny how each province is so different.

  2. What does SSI have that Regina doesn't have...

    I mean besides the ocean, and the mountains, and the rain forests, and the temperate climate, and the fresh air that makes you glad to be alive.

    As I am sure you know, we have had a very cold October so far, with snow already.

    Yes, please post more often ... ha ha.

    Take care guys ... TnT

    1. Precisely, when should we expect you? We'll leave a light on. LOL

  3. Glad you are settling in on Saltspring Island. These last 2 weeks have had stellar weather and it seems we have a least one more week of summer like weather on the docket. Better enjoy it before the rains begin. lol At least being retired we have 6 Saturdays and one Sunday so the weather is guaranteed to be good on a week day while others must work. :)

    1. Yes we're learning our way around, the weather has been fantastic and doesn't appear to be changing soon. We are coming in tomorrow for laundry and errands, want to meet for a coffee?

  4. Beautiful!!


    1. Yup, if only you'd gone just a little further.... :D

  5. Which RVpark are you at? Might make it there some weekend this fall, weather permitting.

    1. Mowhinna Creek Campground on Salt Spring Island. Be sure to say hi if you make it.

    2. Will do! I seriously considered buying and living in. Camper van about 4 yrs ago, when I was on my own, then I met The Love Of My Life and moved from Nanaimo to Tsawassen. Still return to the Island occasionally. We camped at Crofton, Uclulet, Parksville and Nanaimo in September. TLOMY has a camper van!


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