Monday, 29 October 2018

Pickleball to a Bathroom Painting Pancake Party

Yesterday (Sunday) I remembered at 9:45am that Pickleball was on so I looked it up to see when/where. 10am at one of the local schools... I went outside to find Brad who was walking Robbie to see if he'd like to join me since he hadn't been there yet. Brad plays once in a while but cannot play regularly due to his injuries. He was happy to come along to watch me play and get some time out of the house.

While I was playing, he happened to be between two women who were talking. One woman (Susan) was explaining to the other the woes she was experiencing with her bathroom reno. Brad listened to this for awhile and when he realized just how much aggravation this reno was causing this woman especially in regard to the paint.... she had chosen a colour (blue) which she was not convinced about... and the guy wasn't able to come and install the toilet until the painting was completed.... and she was having trouble getting it done.... so he decided to help her out...

We have experience with interior painting and so he offered to do it for her. She was very appreciative and agreed to serve us lunch for our efforts. So it was arranged and we went to take a look, turned out Susan was right to be concerned about the colour... so off we all went to chose a more suitable paint colour for this newly renovated, beautifully elegant bathroom.

We spent yesterday afternoon with Susan and her husband Reuben, very much enjoying their company and Brad managed to get the first coat finished but it was drying too slowly to get the second coat on. We agreed to return this morning to finish the job and Reuben would make us some pancakes... Absolutely delicious pancakes btw, thank you so much Reuben.

A friend of theirs (Emily) was also invited to our little pancake painting party, lovely woman and with all the chit chat going on, it seems like the pancakes were an aside but they were fantastic, very fluffy and surprisingly flavourful. Thank you Reuben for your effort, we very much enjoyed both the pancakes and the company. We accept your invitation to the next batch :D

Bathroom complete, we exchanged contact info and hope to spend more time with these lovely people. Certainly we will see them again at Pickleball.

You know me, I forgot to get a picture of the bathroom.... oops.


  1. Nice tat you were able to help Susan and Rueben out with the bathroom. When you are busy working most people forget the pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Well.. full disclosure, Brad did all the work. I just sat and visited :D

  2. Wow ... You guys really went "Above and Beyond" on this one!!!

    Just think how many friends you are going to have once the word gets out that you work for free ... ha ha

    This world sure would be awesome if everyone was willing to lend a helping hand.

    Thank you for the great example of putting other people first!!

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Aww thanks TnT, we just think that if you can, why wouldn't you?... Do unto others...(not in a religious way, but a lifestyle). Just happy to help brighten someone's day and make their life a little easier.


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