Thursday, 22 November 2018

Guess who's coming to dinner

I swear if it wasn't for my camera I would have absolutely no idea what we did all day... the problem with that?... I so rarely remember to take pictures, and even then... for example, here is a pic of my Uncle Tom and Aunt Bea. If you recall we met them for lunch several weeks ago but I forgot to post the pic of us. I think I mentioned having lunch.... man I'm getting old. I met these two in 1974 when my parents moved us to Canada (I was 5). Yep, long time. They are Irish and for many years I called them every St. Pat's Day until recent years with absolutely no excuse. Now we are all back together again.

Bea, Katie and Tom
Brad got stuck taking the picture

Saw this online and couldn't resist sharing

During this weeks trip to Duncan for laundry, the fog was so thick at the water level I wasn't convinced the ferry's would even be running. They were and I'm blonde... once you got up the hill a bit the fog cleared and the world was put right once again.

Fog at Crofton Ferry Terminal

Waiting for Daddy (in his chair) to return from his massage.

Today we went for another hike... we try to walk or hike every day. After smoking for 35ish years its  been refreshing to have the lung capacity to do this now. Brad's back gives him trouble going uphill so we try to stick to flatter areas, unfortunately we have no idea what this island is like until we get out there and find out. And man o man, did we find out today!

Come on old fogey's

Anyone know this plant? the seed pods are black but I saw evidence that it may have a yellow flower in bloom. Coolest looking thing with the black, never seen anything like it before. Really excited to see this island in the summer with everything in full bloom and the blackberries are absolutely everywhere...............

Robbie had a great view while waiting for the oldies to catch up.

Come on Dad, this way!

We tried to expand our horizons a bit today on the Channel Ridge Trails and even did a few uphills that maybe we shouldn't but eventually the uphills became too much and we had to turn around and go back. Not giving up, we decided to go right instead of left and wound around a large circle back to the car. We had to stop a few times but during this over an hour hike our app tells us we stopped for less than 5 minutes in total. I'm happy with that. Now we know a good size walk for us is the main loop of the picture below and not to get all supercharged and go crazy. In the end the app says we walked 2.8 miles (4.5 km). Refreshing and Exhausting at the same time.

During our hike I got an email from Deb of Kastle's Journey, She and Ray are planning to come visit us on Saturday. Pretty excited to meet more readers (I read her blog, too). We are becoming right social butterflies since moving out of  'hell'. Love it.

Ray and Deb are RVers, they bought a house and are having a bunch of reno's done to it so they are not able to head south this year. Follow along if you don't already, though I'm sure you do. :D

PS I forgot to check the Geocache while we were out today. Gotta remember that tomorrow, I'll put Robbie in charge of reminding me... LOL


  1. To bad that Brads back bothers him so badly. Also good to have given up the smoking habit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Replies
    1. All Trails. It offers the ability to just record the walk you do as well as shows existing trails. And you can't get lost, nice little bonus.


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