Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Hanging with Friends

A couple we met at Pickleball invited us out for a hike. Brad wasn't able to join us but I went and so glad I did.

The views are amazing and Susan and Reuben are such a lovely, friendly couple. We really appreciate that they have made the effort to make us feel welcome here.

The view of the Crofton Pulp Mill

I love the moss covered everything on this island, so English

Looking south towards Victoria

What was supposed to be a showroom up/down condo house, victim of the 2008 crash.

Pulp Mill again

Mystic forest

Reuben & Susan

I enjoyed this hike so much that I took Brad there yesterday before Pickleball for a toddle around.

Channel Ridge Trails map

Brad with Robbie

Crofton-Vesuvius ferry 

For such a small island, roughly 15 x 25 km, there sure is a lot to see and do here. 

After the hike yesterday we went for supper at The Oyster Catcher (quickly becoming our favourite haunt) and then headed to Fernwood in the north end of the island for a few rounds of Pickleball. Reuben & Susan came shortly after us which was a nice surprise, we didn't know they were coming. Everyone at PB is so nice, super friendly and just want to have fun which is awesome! 

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