Sunday, 25 November 2018

Kastle's Journey and Lowered Lids

So Ray & Deb of Kastle's Journey came out to Salt Spring Island to meet us. Great couple, full of energy which is amazing when you consider all they are dealing with (read their blog if you don't already know).... When grabbing the above link I noticed she has written a post about 'weekend fun', going over to read it now....

We had a great visit here in our cozy abode before heading into town to The Oyster Catcher for lunch (Ray's treat - we'll get them next time!) Thank you both for taking the time to come out, we look forward to meeting up again closer to your turf, and of course seeing the house completed - or not....

Turns out we have a lot in common and Ray and Brad both enjoy gabbing about politics, yuck... and other stuff. It was a great visit and we hope to have an opportunity to spend more time with them in future.

We didn't have time during our visit to take them around the island as they had an unexpected visitor at home they needed to get back for. Next time!

Brad, Katie, Deb & Ray

Later on that day Brad went to The Local Barbershop to have his lids lowered.

Great environment in this little barbershop and Keith (the Barber) is famous on the island for the mini comedy skits he makes that are shown in the cinema before the movie. They are a delight and we always look forward to them but didn't realize the guy was the Barber! Now he will be Brad's go to.

Never looks quite right until you do it yourself but if you recall from previous pics, he had enough hair removed to wig out an army.

I sent this pic of a palm tree outside The Oyster Catcher to our friends in California. No need to go south when you've got The Gulf Islands!


  1. Great visit and tasty lunch. Catch up with you guys soon, hopefully when you come over to Duncan.

    1. Careful what you wish for, we're there every week LOL.


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