Saturday, 10 November 2018

Long few days

None of this has been discussed on the blog but Brad has been dealing with a court case for many years now. He had to stop the case during court proceedings and go to the appeal court... the ability to even do so was argued (2 years ago) and Brad just won that so now he has to actually do the appeal. He completed the writing of that appeal on Thursday morning and we spent Thursday afternoon going to Duncan to have it printed and bound at Staples....

Then because we have sold our property in California, we had to go to the US Consulate General to have some documents doohickied.... so we left the RV at 5am sharp to ensure our spot on the 6:30am ferry to Vancouver... while waiting for the ferry to embark a friend and neighbour tapped on the window... he and his son were going out on the same ferry to do some business of their own.

Having breakfast on the ferry to Vancouver (2.5 hr ride)

Mark, friendly neighbour. 

Concrete jungle is an understatement

We had booked a return ferry via Victoria for 6:30pm but we arrived back at the Ferry terminal at 3pm so got in the standby line.... barely made it though, just one car behind us got on the 3:30pm ferry... Whew. And guess who tapped on the window... yup, Mark! They were heading back also but took a different ferry route. We were home by 8pm with a short stop on Mayne Island to transfer ferries.

Today, after Pickleball we decided to take Robbie to Beddis Beach......

A Catamaran (my dream), and the Vancouver ferry

Brad and Robbie chillin' out at the beach

Beddis Beach, great sand and soft shells

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day and we will, of course, be in attendance.

I take great exception to standing in the cold while the names of every local business are read off in lieu of their flowers on a day that should be about those who died... 

Read the names of those men/women and I'll stand all day.


  1. I cannot imagine something hanging over my head for many years. I'm not that strong. My gut would give out.

    1. We have tried -and for the most part, I have succeeded- in keeping all of that at arms length, Brad however has struggled much more with it as he is the one doing it - as a self-represented litigant. There have been some difficult times to be sure, especially with regard to how it affects his PTSD.

  2. We attended our small Remembrance Service here in Lake Cowichan. Ray and I also agree with you that it is hard to stay there when they are reading out the names of local businesses but in our case it was mostly service clubs. All others were asked to set their wreaths after that in one go, so overall the whole thing was not too long. Thanks for serving Brad.

    1. We were impressed, the Salt Spring Island ceremony was not at all what we are used to. I will write of it tomorrow.

  3. Oh Gosh ... That legal issue sure must be a drain on Brad. One day at a time, right?

    Am I reading this right ?? Did you manage to sell your RV lot at the Ranch already??

    Funny story about the ferry. We arrived one hour early, but didn't have a reservation because our plans weren't solidified. Imagine our frustration when the guy in front of us was waved on, and a big orange pylon was placed in front of our car!!

    The next ferry was two hours later ... lol

    Please thank Brad for his service from us too.

  4. Yes, the Ranch lot sold very quickly... its an awesome resort and lots sell fast. We doubled our money, so all's well that ends well. We were the pylon car on thursday for the 1030am to Duncan and the next one was 1230pm, so I know exactly how that feels. Time for a bridge! :D


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