Sunday, 4 November 2018

Our life on Salt Spring Island

The issue in my previous post has been addressed, we had to simply remove ourselves from the problem. Not what we were hoping for when we came out this way, but it is what it is and we are now able to move on with our new life here without any further distress... we hope.

Jan 1st we take over the Management of this Campground and we are looking forward to that.

We absolutely love it here on Salt Spring Island, it is (so far, anyway) a very warm, welcoming community. There are something akin to 10,000 people on this Island and 99.9% of everyone we have come across have been very friendly.

There are a multitude of small businesses here, everything from fruits/produce to soaps and shampoos, even jewelry/art and clothing, the twice weekly market in downtown Ganges is a great place to spend an hour.

We have made many acquaintances already in the few weeks we've been here, and even a few friends. This really is a great community, and we are beginning to feel like we've found that 'home' that we have been searching for for so many years.

This past week has been very disconcerting and we have been considering our options but neither of us wants to leave this island. We considered buying that boat we've been on about for so long or renting a place but it became clear that the options we were throwing out were all tied to this island, so it is evident that we love it here.

Sure, its early days and as we've experienced before, it may be that once people realize we are planning to stay and we're not just passing through - maybe that warm welcoming vibe will disappear but I somehow don't think so.

We are becoming recognized regulars in many shops and restaurants already and have had no sense of animosity for it... and believe me, I can recognize it - and I have been looking, waiting... but nothing, just friendliness.

What a breath of fresh air.

Today its back to Pickleball (Sat, Sun, Tues and Thurs), and a friend has invited us for a hike this afternoon. So the life building continues and we are enjoying every minute of it.

Thank you Salt Spring Island!


  1. Glad things are working out for you. Island life is quite a bit different than living in cities and a much calmer pace of life. Enjoy.

    1. Yes, much calmer but this one is very vibrant and alive. We were expecting more 'hippy' than we've yet to find which is fine by us.

  2. So glad you were able to work things out!! Looking forward to reading about your further adventures on Salt Spring Island!


  3. I lived in Nanaimo for 20 years and always found Islanders very warm and welcoming.
    I had some socializing on Gabriola, not much acctually on SSI, but socializing with some (mostly musicians) from SSI.
    Always found them friendly.
    West Coast Islanders are not ingrown and insular. They are all pretty much incomers , which makes a difference, I think.
    I miss them.
    I live in Tsawwassen, which is only 22 miles away buy is I another universe. Big city people.
    Met The Love of My Life who lives in Tsawwassen and moved there to be with him.
    We come back when we can cuz my “tribe” is there.

    1. This has been a very good experience for us thus far and we are looking forward to meeting more wonderful people as we settle in. Nice to know yet another neighbour, even if you are 22 miles away ;)


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