Monday, 12 November 2018

Remembrance Day 2018

If you read my last post you know that I take exception to businesses using Remembrance Day as an advertising opportunity. Well, here on Salt Spring there was none (or very little) of that. I was expecting to hear the Pharmacy, the Grocers, the Building Supply....... didn't hear a one. I only heard the usual political addresses and the Legion and Women's Auxilliary and the like. 

It was a very nice ceremony, probably the best one I've attended. When they shot the cannons that scared the hell out of a few people but fortunately we had seen the cannons when we first arrived, so when the shot went off, while still startling it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Towards the end of the ceremony there were 5 planes in formation that flew overhead, they sang songs like The White Cliffs of Dover, Its a Long Way to Tipperary and another I cannot recall. 




5 planes flying overhead in formation

After the ceremony we went for breakfast at The Salt Spring Inn to allow traffic to thin out before venturing to get clear of downtown ourselves. We then decided to stop at home and get Robbie to go for a hike along Duck Creek Trail.

Open fields

Deep Forest

Amazing Beauty (and the tip of my gloved thumb)

The moss covered everything adds a certain something something.

Back to Open Fields

More moss covering

Across a bridge

Low hanging moss covered branches

Closer to same branches

and closer still to those branches, my pictures just don't do the place justice.

Ivy growing up a tree

and back to open field yet again

Maybe its the prairie girl in me that finds this moss covered forest island so mystical, maybe its the English in me that connects to the similarities of this island to my original home, or maybe its just that this island is so breathtakingly beautiful. Whatever it is, I wish I could open a window so that you could peek through and see the magic for yourselves.

Visitors always welcome :D


  1. I like the moss. It must be very moist there all year.

    1. Well it is an island so no doubt the humidity is high here... but Nov is supposed to be the rainiest month and its only rained a couple of times so far... rain tomorrow though, 10-15ml, so not sure what to think about the rain situation yet. Although I have heard that it doesn't rain as much on Salt Spring as it does on the mainland. Time will tell.

  2. There’s a path around Buttertubs Marsh in Nanaimo that I love because it reminds me of Alberta, where I grew up.
    Some open marshy- pond views, some more closed mossy places.
    Just east (right) off the first Jinglepot Rd you come to from the South. Takes about 30 mins, if you ever have the time.
    Saw otters there once, poking up through a skiff of thin ice. Such a lovely surprise!


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